Entrepreneurs Encouraged to Change Their Mind-Set

16 October, 2017

With reports suggesting that there are some 125 million small or mid-sized business in the world, it is clear that the planet is filled with entrepreneurs. Yet, not everyone who runs a small business has the right mind-set for this sort of work when they first get started.

For this reason, a leading business coaching expert advised entrepreneurs today that a change of mind-set can be necessary for them to achieve success. The advice came from Craig Ridley, who is the Founder of the YourBusinessCoachingClub site.

He said to his members that with the help of a few mind-set hacks anyone can look to improve on their approach to running their own business. This can, “lead to a successful approach becoming a part of the entrepreneur and their personality from now on.”

In all, he identified 4 different areas in which a change of mind-set could pay healthy dividends, starting with a confident, can-do attitude. After that, the tips for entrepreneurs that he gave are as following; getting out in the real world to discuss business ideas to believe their ability to make a different, and having fun.

Mr Ridley said that, “allowing themselves to enjoy their business is probably the biggest and most important mind-set change of all for most entrepreneurs. Becoming more fun, playful, and spontaneous can lead to big improvements in a small business owner’s life as well as in their company’s fortunes.”

YourBusinessCoachingClub is an internet based business coaching club that aims to provide entrepreneurs with a solid grounding in all of the business challenges that they face up to over the years. Bringing together the founder’s 30 years of experience and a global network of company leaders, this is a solid option for entrepreneurs looking to grow. YourBusinessCoachingClub membership is available for a small daily cost of under 50 cents.

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