Entrepreneur Accountability Coaching To Double Productivity Program Launched

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The Action Club has launched an accountability coaching program aimed at helping club members achieve clarity in setting a goal and creating a roadmap to achieve that goal.

The Action Club has launched an accountability coaching program aimed at helping entrepreneurs, managers, and other interested individuals set and achieve specific goals and boost their productivity in 30 days.

More information can be found at https://theactionclub.com/tac

The program launched by The Action Club pairs a club member with an accountability coach. The coach will then guide the member in setting a specific goal and help them achieve clarity throughout the program so they can focus on doing what is needed to achieve the set goal.

Unlike a life coach who guides clients on broader life issues, an accountability coach works with clients on fulfilling shorter term and more specific objectives.

The Action Club’s accountability coaching program is especially ideal for individuals who want to advance their careers or business ventures, improve their health or relationships, boost their finances, or simply achieve a dream.

The Action Club’s program can also benefit companies who want to motivate their employees into being more productive. According to the club’s experts, the program can help members double their productivity in just a few weeks.

Unlike other accountability coaching programs, The Action Club’s system does not involve courses, workbooks, complicated apps, or required readings. All a member has to do is to show up and the accountability coach will do most of the hard work to keep the member on track.

The Action Club offers several membership tiers: monthly auto renewing membership, or 3 month, 6 month, and 12 month subscriptions.

The first step in the program is for the member and their assigned accountability coach to work on setting a specific goal and creating a roadmap to achieve that goal through the club’s proprietary Ready. Set. Goal! Blueprint, a masterclass online course designed to help members discover how to achieve their goals consistently.

Information on Ready. Set. Goal! can be found at https://theactionclub.com/readysetgoal

According to a satisfied client, “Working with The Action Club has been a great experience. I’m a lot more focused on what is in my control, far less overwhelmed and am excited for further growth.”

Interested parties can learn more about The Action Club’s accountability coaching program from the websites mentioned above.

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