Engrave Ink Develops New Commemorative Tattoo Ink Technology out of Cremated Ash

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Engrave Ink is a business that offers clients the ability to infuse tattoo ink with their loved ones' ashes to have permanent reminders of their love.

Nevada, USA – A company in Reno, Nevada has created a technology that is changing the tattooing and funeral industry. Engrave Ink is now offering consumers commemorative tattoo ink. This type of ink is safe, sterile, and processed in a procedure that allows for cremation ashes of loved ones and pets to be blended with tattoo ink.

Engrave Ink sends its customers sterile kits to send a portion of ashes to their professional laboratory. Once the ashes arrive, they are broken down into microscopic particles using an innovative filtering process. The particles are then heated to 4,800 degrees Fahrenheit through a uniquely engineered graphite-based pyrolysis. A process of mechanical agitation is performed to extract carbon pigment that is then combined with their premium tattoo ink.

The process as a whole takes around four weeks. During this time, safety protocols and contamination controls are followed. Each order is assigned a unique number that allows professionals to track every bottle rigorously. All of these precautions allow for Engrave Ink to ensure their customers that every bottle sent out is safe to use.

The ink comes in black and white, two of the most common colors for tattoos. To be able to use this ink, customers are suggested to call tattoo shops ahead of their session. This gives artists time to do research and come to the conclusion that the product is safe to use. The ink also acts like regular tattoo ink, so standard care routines can be followed. The healing process of a tattoo done with the commemorative ink is exactly the same as a regular tattoo as well.

The rise of commemorative tattoo ink is still new, but it isn’t slowing down. People are finding new and innovative ways to remember their loved ones. Tattoos are a way to feel connected to loved ones long after passing. When clients use ink infused with a loved ones’ ashes, it truly makes clients feel like they’re a part of one another. This is why they’ve become so popular.

Getting a tattoo with commemorative ink is becoming more sought out by the minute. Engrave Ink is one of the few out there currently, and their demand is growing quickly. Only time will show just how far they can go.

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Name: Stephanie Ramos
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Organization: Engrave Ink
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Website: https://engraveink.com/

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