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Empire Capital Partners Offers Capital Investment Support For Businesses Of All Scales

Empire Capital Partners maintains and develops its network of strategic business alliances at all times to assist clients in sourcing the finance they need to grow to the next level.

— In business, the defining pursuit since the industrial revolution has been growth. However, it is all too easy for businesses to reach a plateau they are unable to grow out of. A lack of necessary additional funds to spend on infrastructure means they cannot support a grander vision. Empire Capital Partners are capital investment specialists, and through their successes on behalf of businesses in matters like mergers and acquisitions have established an impressive network of strategic alliances. These now enable them to help businesses unlock their potential with the requisite investment support.

Empire Capital Partners’ clients are frequently pleasantly surprised to learn the details of this healthy network of strategic business alliances, which continues to provide corporate clients with the essential finance they need to pursue mergers and acquisitions and other aggressive, growth-orientated strategies for expansion.

This network allows for simpler lending, where the lender retains the loan rather than selling it on into the now defunct securitization markets. With Empire Capital Partners’ meticulous and ongoing research able to fully illustrate the prospective use of the investment to partners, it is far easier to gain the trust and confidence needed to secure an investment.

A spokesperson for Empire Capital Partners explained, “Most analysts agree that the current prospects for capital inflow are trending down. The repercussions of the fallout are still coming to light, but at Empire Capital Partners, we feel that our role in raising capital has never been more important. As a result, we are constantly looking to develop our network of potential investing partners, to facilitate clients’ growth by providing the assets they need to get to that next level. We look forward to hearing from businesses looking to increase their liquidity, and discussing how we may be able to assist.”

About Empire Capital Partners: Empire Capital Partners has more than $1.13 billion of assets under management across four distinct but complementary investment groups. Their experts offer private investment advice based on first-class, in-house research, the company's solid approach to investing, and its next generation investment philosophy. They also assist businesses in mergers and acquisitions and raising equity and investments.

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