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EmallBox Announces Arrival of Latest Fashion Cases for Apple Products at Online Store

An iPhone or iPad case needs to be fashionable as well as functional, reports S. Dani of EmallBox.

— EmallBox ( has announced the arrival of the latest fashion cases for Apple products at its online store. These cases both protect the electronics and give them customized looks, and in many instances, cases are purchased for their fashion value alone. This makes it very important for sellers to regularly update their stocks to include the latest styles.

"The idea of using a case for an iPhone or any other cell phone came about because of the damage the phone's housing would sustain with normal use," said S. Dani, a site representative. "But it wasn't long before people realized that these cases could be made in fashion colors or with designs. That made them into fashion statements, but it's important to remember that they are also supposed to serve a practical purpose."

For this reason, today's fashion cases are still made so that most of them will serve basic purposes. A soft iPhone 5 case ( is meant to protect the phone from scratches, while a hard one also protects it from minor shocks.

At EmallBox, cases for iPhone 5 come in two main forms. There's a hard silicon case that can be purchased in any of several colors, and a hard snap-in case for the back of the phones that offers more eye-catching, though still minimalistic, designs. The snap-in cases have openings for the phone's camera and buttons, so no functionality is lost.

An iPhone 5s case ( is slightly different than the usual cell phone case. It's flatter, and has cutouts for the phone's buttons, camera lens, and other essential features. These cases are all snap-ons.

"Some of our more unique cases are the heavy duty ones," Dani said. "It used to be that someone who needed a case that would protect their phone on a construction site or while doing a job like plumbing would have to settle for an all-black rubber cover. Our new selection has changed that. Now, heavy-duty cases can be purchased with fashionable stripes in a variety of designer colors. There is no longer a need to have a boring case just because the phone is being taken into a rough environment."

Heavy duty cases are thicker than the average ones. This allows them to absorb heavier shocks. The ones for the iPhone 5 are permanently installed onto the phone, while the ones for the 5s models come in two pieces.

The iPad Air is used differently than a standard iPhone, so there are some big differences in the construction of an iPad Air case ( . EmallBox's current stock now includes two leather cases, which have hinges that allow the iPad to be flipped up for use. The case also serves as a stand when in this position. These leather cases look classy and luxurious rather than just being basically functional.

About EmallBox:
EmallBox ( is an online retailer of cases for iPhones, iPads, and other personal electronics accessories. It regularly reviews its offerings and adds new ones to keep up with changing fashions and the needs of its customers.

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