Lifestyle Announces 13 Different Ways to Think About Memory Improvement

There are 13 different ways people can sharpening their memory and recall skills.

—, an established leader in memory improvement video training, today announced it is giving away a free information on its website in an article called “13 Points To Think About To improving memory". It offers simple solutions to the long-held belief memory loss is inevitable with the aging process.

Trevor Ponder, author of, said he wanted to share this information with to support aging baby boomers who wanted to know how to sharpen their minds for stronger recall and focus.

"Around age 50 many people begin learning how to improve memory because they are experiencing memory declines," said Ponder. "The main cause behind this is related to physical changes in the brain. Small arteries in the brain begin getting blocked."

Some of the topics included in the article include how to change one's thinking style and avoiding forgetfulness.

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