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Ebook Template Makes It Easy To Self Publish Your Book On The Amazon Kindle

Authors Insider Club offers an ebook template that helps people get perfectly formatted books on the Kindle.

— One of the challenges that most authors and small business owners have is how to properly format and publish their book on the Kindle. Many authors make the mistake of doing it themselves, with no special tools and while it may look “good” in their Word document, it usually ends up looking awful on the Kindle with improper formatting kills book sales and generates lots of negative comments and reviews.

Phil Graham, of and Authors Insider Club created an ebook template that works with Microsoft Word or Open Office, and helps authors get perfect formatting on the Kindle every single time.

Some of the features of their Kindle template include a fully clickable Table of Contents, chapters that all start at the very top of the page, proper margins, spacing, fonts, the ability to use images, bold, underline, special characters, and designed to format properly and look correct on every Kindle device and app that is available.

This ebook template has proven the test of time and has been on the market for over four years and thousands of books have been formatted using this method, including some New York Times bestsellers. The Ebook Template for Word is perfect for both Fiction and Non-Fiction books, and it has also been used to format Children’s books that are created with nothing but images.

The EbookTemplates101 website not only offers their Kindle Template with free updates, but in addition to that, they also include detailed step by step videos showing everyone exactly how to use their Template and get perfectly formatted books quickly and easily. They also offer many other tools and free information for authors which help to not only get their books perfectly formatted, but also assist with things like Kindle Book Covers, how to market and sell more books, create viral book trailer videos, and much more.

For those who want a proven, tested, sure fire way to get perfectly formatted books on the Kindle, check out their ebook template today.

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