Lifestyle, Responds to Survey Showing High Prevalence of Workplace Hookups releases an expert opinion on two recent surveys that found that many sugar daddy/sugar baby romances occur between coworkers.

—, a revealing and engaging web site with articles written by women who exchange their stories and confessions about being in a relationship with a much older man, is weighing in on a recent survey showing that more than half of male bosses either have or want to sleep with their secretaries.

According to a recent survey of more than 44,000 men in managerial positions, almost a third (28%) said they had slept with their administrative assistants. A further 25% said they had not, but would if they were given the opportunity. (Source: White, M.C., “Tons of People Are Hooking Up With Their Co-Workers, Survey Finds,” Time web site, April 21, 2014;

“It’s hardly a surprise to learn that power is an aphrodisiac,” says Riya Beaumont,’s content editor. “After all, president Barack Obama met his future wife while working as a summer associate at a Chicago law firm in 1989, where Michelle was his supervisor.”

Beaumont explains that many will reject these findings, because they only consider a biased study sample of men who are actually seeking to hook up and is not a reflection of the general population. However, the fact remains that work plays an important part in our daily lives. In addition, thanks to longer work hours and the expectations that employees can be reached by mobile phone, e-mail, and texts, the lines of the workplace environment have become blurred—and there is a mountain of evidence to back this up.

Another new survey reveals that 56% of business professionals have had office romances, with women more likely to date a supervisor at work and men more likely to have dated a subordinate. And regardless of how the relationships developed, the vast majority would do it again. These findings are in line with the above survey and suggest workplace romances have become more acceptable. (Source: “Love Is In The Air: Vault's 2014 Office Romance Survey,”, February 12, 2014;

“It doesn’t matter if it’s a sugar daddy/sugar baby workplace relationship or a more traditional and generally accepted workplace relationship among colleagues; more and more people are willing to say, ‘Why not?’ when the opportunity presents itself,” Beaumont concludes. “Some are just looking for fun, while others are hoping to advance their careers; after all, there’s more to some relationships than love and romance.”

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