DustRam® Dustless Tile Removal – Learn The Differences Between Contractors

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Choose DustRam® Certified Contractors for any tile removal or flooring removal project where dust free is essential, guaranteed to leave the home cleaner when they leave than when they arrived.

One buzzword consistently heard in the flooring remodel industry conversation is “DustRam® “with the assurance of dust free ceramic tile removal and dustless floor tile elimination. For anyone that has endured a remodel, these phrases alone suffice to motivate thoughtful consideration.

Silica dust and debris can linger on for months after a floor removal is completed. This is enough to make anyone pause prior to beginning another demolition. After listening to the testimonials from customers and seeing the simplicity of use with the DustRam® System, there have been numerous impersonators that have attempted to climb on the bandwagon.

They assert “basically dustless,” “virtually dustless,” “clean tile elimination,” “clean tile removal,” “tidy air,” and so forth. Oscar Wilde said it best — “Imitation is the sincerest form of flattery that mediocrity can pay to success.”

While it is flattering, there are numerous copycats emerging in the dustless floor tile removal market, DustRam LLC wish to enlighten customers about the growing fakery of many that try and provide this type of solution.

Arizona Home Floors is a local company that shows numerous dust free tile removal videos using the DustRam® System on the following page:


Damages from ride-on floor scrapers, using negative air machines along with fans, water hoses, plastic sheets, as well as other approaches reveal the competition will not be dustless. Ride-on floor strippers can damage walls, cupboards, and particularly over-watered or soft concrete subfloors, commonly costing potentially several thousands of dollars to fix before new floor covering can be installed.

Some try and claim they can do dustless ceramic tile removal when they cannot. With little known about what experience and tools is needed, impostors impersonating legit specialists by quickly building a website and begin advertising services they cannot provide.

Many contractors, if not most, have barely a couple of months experience trying their hand at dustless floor tile tear-out. Since Google and various other online search engine recognize their web sites have extremely little significance, these copycats are forced to “advertise” and also have “pay-per-click” campaigns simply to be discovered by customers.

Specialists who need to advertise in this way should be a warning for the consumer investigating dust free tile elimination. If their service is so excellent, why aren’t they conveniently located on the organic search results page?

The specialists with the highest experience and the most effective equipment do not require pay-per-click methods. The online search results can reveal to the consumer quantities of information regarding the service provider’s competence as well as importance in their field. Consumers looking for the very best value and also experience from a specialist should exercise care when working with an online advertising lead.

Imitation contractors use of home-made items duct-taped to chipping hammers or grinders and afterward connected to everyday store vacuum cleaners are not at the level with the DustRam® System– where study, style, as well as trial-and-error of over 12 years have provided one of the most reliable and patented dirt capturing processes possible.

Basically, virtually dustless floor tile removal for a 600 square foot project can leave 12 or even more pounds of dust distributing in a residence. DustRam® contractors do not have this issue.

Now with the DustRam® System, contractors and floor covering specialists that acquire these devices are licensed and trained at the DustRam® headquarters in Arizona to guarantee their teams adhere to the ideal methods when making use of the specialized, trademarked tools; throughout, they catch particles of dirt quickly.

Homeowners can feel safe recognizing they are working with an expert who will certainly care for their house as if it were their very own, as well that the process can move swiftly and easily during flooring removal as well as installation.

With the DustRam® tools, the crews are a lot more reliable, as well as turn-around time is quicker. The only preparation needed is to clear items off the flooring area in the location being removed.

Plastic sheet as well as tape, aligning air blowers to opened windows, securing air conditioning vents, or wetting down the concrete are the conventional techniques of the past calling for additional time, cash, and also extreme cleaning of every home surface afterward.

None of these sufficed; with DustRam® System, they are no more required.

Normal, everyday dust is frustrating for those with allergic reactions or health issues. It is additionally detrimental to air conditioning systems, electronic devices, food, and various other home things.

The silica dust released at demolition locations from floor covering or wall tile removal is not just a contaminant. The CDC (Center for Condition Control) as well as OSHA (Occupational Safety And Security as well as Health And Wellness Administration) both categorize silica dust as a health hazard influencing the health and wellness of any living person or animal, despite how tiny the amount or restricted the time of exposure.

Dust from traditional flooring removal can remain in a home for months or even years, which is why going dust free is important.

Because customers are requesting dustless to prevent the contamination of their residence, these impostors proclaim the DustRam® name, utilizing it in advertisements online, asserting to offer dust-free flooring elimination.

By checking the map on the DustRam® site (click for map), customers can find those trained and certified as an accredited DustRam® professional. A house owner or general service provider expects to hire someone qualified for floor covering elimination for wellness, effectiveness, and also overall value.

DustRam® is a system of equipment developed entirely for dust free floor tile and floor covering removal. A full system includes 250+ items, including high-powered vacuum cleaners, patented chipping hammer add-ons, as well as extra components devoted to dustless tile removal. To end up being a DustRam® professional, one needs to be trained and accredited to acquire the System.

Do not be fooled by copycats with false guarantees; receive the very best value by speaking to a Licensed DustRam ® specialist today.

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