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DUI Attorney Seattle Emphasizes the Need for Legal Representation in DUI Cases

King County continues to have some of the toughest DUI laws in the United States reports DUI Attorney Seattle.

King County DUI Laws continue to be some of the toughest in the nation and driving under the influence in the state addresses both alcohol consumption and marijuana use. "When one is charged with a DUI in the state, an experienced DUI Attorney Seattle WA is needed immediately as the Department of Licensing can suspend one's license with no proof of guilt," James Y. Smith of DUI Attorney Seattle explains.

Washington refers to the suspension of one's license as administrative action and therefore can legally take this step before guilt or innocence is determined. License suspension ranges from 90 days to one year, depending on the person's blood alcohol content. "The Seattle DUI Blog explains what one may expect when charged with this crime and how to go about selecting an attorney for representation," Smith continues.

A DUI charge doesn't automatically result in a conviction, which is why one should seek legal advice immediately upon being charged. From the moment of the traffic stop until the punishment phase is complete, the defendant retains the right to fight the charges. "An experienced DUI attorney understands what defenses may be used and how to best go about fighting a charge of this type which is why legal representation is critical," Smith goes on to say.

Drivers, when stopped, often believe they must undergo field sobriety tests and yet this actually isn't the case. A person accused of a DUI must only submit to DUI testing. "The average driver lacks the knowledge required to handle a DUI charge thanks to a lack of proper information such as that involving field sobriety tests and whether or not they are required," Smith reveals.

Another benefit of reading a DUI blog and hiring an experienced attorney is drivers have a better understanding of the penalties being faced. Penalties vary greatly, depending on a number of factors, and proper legal representation may lead to a reduction in these penalties. "Drivers would rather spend one day in jail than one year and face fines of under $1,000 rather than a $5,000 fine. Attorneys with prior experience in trying these types of cases work to reduce the charges or have them dropped completely. No driver should face a DUI charge alone as there is too much at stake. Allow an attorney to handle the legal aspects as he or she better understands how to fight the charges and reduce the consequences, especially for drivers in King County as the DUI laws are very strict," Smith expounds.

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