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MarketersMEDIA / Newsroom / Dr.Ron Neer And H2O Air Water Americas Offers The Latest In Organic Sulfur Crystals Benefits

Dr.Ron Neer And H2O Air Water Americas Offers The Latest In Organic Sulfur Crystals Benefits

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H2O Air Water Americas offer the latest information about the importance of adequate sulfur levels in the body. The mineral is the topic of a new YouTube video.

— Dr.Ron Neer of H2O Air Water Americas is pleased to announce the release of an informative new video on the YouTube platform. The video identifies some of the benefits of organic sulfur crystals and discusses the reasons for the need to add the nutrient for improved health and wellness. The video is narrated by Dr. Ron Neer. He provides a brief history of the depletion of vital nutrients in the soil of the earth.

Neer states that the composition of the soil and of the human body both require the right kind and quantity of nutrients in order to function properly. He mentions that the mid-1900s saw a change in regulations imposed by the government of the United States when it mandated that fertilizers were required to contain chemical compounds of sulfates and ammonium nitrates. Unfortunately, these chemically created fertilizers tended to lack the necessary bio-availability to maintain the needed nutrients in the soil.

Over the ensuing seven decades, the countries which rely on the chemical fertilizers have shown a dramatic increase in the levels of diseases present in the population. One of the minerals which Dr. Neer identifies as an underlying cause of disease is deficiencies in minerals. The Sulfur Study is ongoing, but preliminary results that most modern diseases are linked to mineral deficiencies. In the United States alone, disease rates have increased by four thousand percent. As a result, health, mental acuity and the quality of life suffers.

Organic Sulfur (OS) has been suggested as a solution for many of the negative health and wellness conditions. The product boosts immunity, increases soft tissue flexibility and maintains blood circulation. Muscle inflammation can be decreased, particularly in athletes. Use of the mineral is also linked to the reduction or elimination of free radicals.

Contact Info:
Name: Ron Neer
Organization: H2O Air Water Americas
Address: 22199 Osborn Rd, Higginsville MO 64037
Phone: (816) 682-6425

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