Dog Rearing Kids Safety Best Handling & Behavior Guide Launched

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“My Puppy Box” has released a new children’s guide to looking after a dog. The product is perfect for anyone with children that have or want to get a dog, helping them to become more knowledgeable about owning a pet.

“My Puppy Box” has released their new children’s guide to keeping a happy and healthy dog. “My Puppy Box” includes various items including guides and books designed to be fun and educational, and help to guide children to treat dogs in the correct manner, and live happily alongside them. The product is ideal for any family that owns a dog, or is looking at getting a dog in the future.

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The owner of “My Puppy Box” was previously a professional dog trainer for 9 years. With the experience and first-hand witnessing of how children in their own homes act with family pets, they decided to create the guides on how to properly interact with dogs, to avoid any consequences that may happen from inappropriate handling.

The purpose of “My Puppy Box” is not just to educate children however, but to also have whole families participating in taking care of the family dog the right way.

Customers will find that the product has lots of fun, educational and creative things to learn about and take part in. “My Puppy Box” is designed to help children learn about being around dogs and how to read their body language such as having their ears back, lip licking and rolling over submissively, as well as their behavior.

Learning about those two factors is a huge step into becoming a much more knowledgeable owner, and the chances of being bitten by a dog decrease dramatically.

In addition to the standard “My Puppy Box” which is aimed at children in between the ages of 7 and 12, there is the “My Puppy Rescue Box”. This aims to educate children about dog rescue centers, shelters and the adoption process of dogs.

The box features charming stories with interesting lessons that make learning about the rescue centers fun and exciting. In addition to this, the “My Puppy Rescue Box” is also designed to stimulate conversation between parents and children, to help both learn about dogs.

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