Dog Allergy Supplement Company Showcases Itchy Dog Supplement For Spring

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ZoomDog, the industry's top dog supplement provider says any dog, no matter the breed or size, can have problems with their skin & coat or allergies and Spring allergy season is in full effect.

Golden, Colorado- Local Dog Supplement company, Zoom Dog has announced they are showcasing one of the company’s favorite (and customer favorite) supplements for Spring, Itchy Dog Skin and Coat Formula.

Many folks may not even realize their dogs are suffering from an itchy coat, or may be experiencing dog allergies for the first time this year.

According to ZoomDog pet supplement company, an easy way to find out if your dog is having allergies is to check the list of common symptoms. The most common symptom will be itching, of course, even if the dog’s skin looks normal.

The list of common symptoms include

-Licking excessively

-Crustiness around eyes

-Red, irritated skin

-Chewing on paws

-Dull coat


-Scratching their stomach or ears

ZoomDog says the pup may not even have severe itching at first, it will be more mild or moderate, however severe itching is a more serious problem like mange, fleas or a food allergy, and folks should be checking with their veterinarian for this problem.

If folks start to notice their dogs have mild itching and it continues scratching, it may turn into a more serious problem. The constant scratching can lead to skin lesions or infections, which is why folks don’t want to ignore even mild scratching.

Dr. John Kuck, ZoomDog’s veterinary advisor had this to say about dog allergies, “Allergic dermatitis remains one of the most common presenting complaints by pet owners to veterinarians with regards to diseases of the skin. Traditional treatments for allergic dermatitis, whether due to flea bite sensitivity or atopic dermatitis, are geared primarily towards controlling the symptoms of disease. They come in the form of anti-inflammatories and immune suppressant therapies, which are costly and fraught with various side effects for the patient. This has led to an increased interest in safer, less costly treatments.”

Because of this potentially risky treatment protocol ZoomDog prefers a more natural approach and uses plant extracts itn their formula, Dr.Kuck goes on to say, “Antioxidants from plant extracts, used in conjunction with omega three fatty acids, and alpha lipoic acid, can be helpful adjuncts to traditional veterinary pharmaceuticals and topicals.”

More information on Itchy Dog Skin and Coat formula can be found on the business’s website, , the product can also be purchased there. ZoomDog offers bundle discounts on their products which they highly recommend and will save the consumer money on their pet supplements.

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