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MarketersMEDIA / Newsroom / Divorce and Child Custody Attorney in Scottsdale, AZ Announces ‘Less Clients, More Care’ Family Law Service

Divorce and Child Custody Attorney in Scottsdale, AZ Announces ‘Less Clients, More Care’ Family Law Service

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Family law firm in Scottsdale, Arizona (Hildebrand Law, PC) has just announced a unique family law service to help solve the problem of long drawn out cases, avoiding the extremely costly litigation courtroom process, and instead achieve better results at a faster pace.

— Families affected by divorce and other family law issues looking for a faster, less traumatic experience can now take advantage of a unique service offering from Hildebrand Law, PC.

To take full advantage of this service clients can visit for full details.

Hildebrand Law, PC. has just announced this new level of service to the local community in Scottsdale, Arizona to solve the problem of long drawn out cases that end up becoming extremely costly when a better outcome could have been achieved.

Specifically, this service announcement will deliver a much less protracted process to family law cases such as divorce, alimony, child support and child custody as well as property division.

The service hinges on 3 key factors.

1 Different Operating Model - The first key differentiator is the firm has been built on a different operating model.

It can be best summed up with a quote from the sports agent film starring Tom Cruise where he breaks away to start his own firm with the ethos of “Less Clients... More Personal Attention.”

When asked why this was important Chris Hilderbrand said, “ I wanted to build a law firm that was different to the standard law firm model which operates on the philosophy of taking everything that comes in, work the associates as hard as you can and if they didn’t like it they can go off across the street to another local firm. I didn’t like that model.”

“So we decided to build a completely different model which meant we have a much smaller caseload per attorney but give more personal attention which allows us to respond much more quickly but also be more thorough in terms of getting prepared to either settle the case or litigate it.”

2 Complete Client Involvement and Clarity From The Start - At the beginning of a case, Hildebrand and his team have developed a much more detailed structure in terms of how the case is handled.

The reason for this is quite often people come to a divorce lawyer or family law attorney for the first time and don’t understand the process, don’t know what’s going to happen and have no idea about how things will play out.

When asked to explain how this element of the service is handled, Mr Hilderbarnd said, “When a new client hires us within a week we bring them into a meeting with their attorney and the appointed paralegal to go through every single issue in the case. All the legal factors that are threats as well as opportunities. We get all the information from the client. We share all the pertinent potential issues with the client so upfront they know what might happen and what the likely outcome will be, given the facts that have been provided.”

This means by the end of the meeting one very important thing has happened... the client becomes central to putting together the case strategy. This is critical because it’s a big issue in many cases where the client is just a passenger, being told what they have to do and what is going to happen with little or no consultation.”

“Most say, ‘look you’ve hired me... give me some information... they don’t have a comprehensive meeting... the client's not involved in the decisions that are affecting their case and the path it's taking. All they know is they’re getting bills and they just don’t understand the strategy and what’s going on. Whereas with us after that first meeting nearly everyone of our clients walks out of that first meeting feeling a sense of relief and control over what’s going to happen.”

3 How Attorneys Are Selected By The Firm - The final factor that helps this service stand out is how attorneys and legal staff are selected by Hildebrand Law, PC.

When asked to sum up their staff selection policy, Mr Hildebrand said, “We hire good people first, great lawyers second.”

“This ensures that you have people that really care about you and treat your case with the personal attention they’d want if they themselves were in the same position. I want people that have integrity, character, a code of ethics and really care about helping other people.”

When asked to comment about the three factors and the service, Laura Olsen, the law office administrator at Hildebrand Law, PC., who Hilderbrand has relied on heavily in terms of creating this service structure and the management of each case, said, “We have a very thorough case management process to ensure all of the clients needs and wishes are met.”

“More often than not this process results in our clients getting a satisfactory settlement without needing to go through the emotional roller coaster of an extremely costly litigation courtroom process, so we are able to get better results at a faster pace.”

Currently Hildebrand Law, PC. are offering a consultation to all new clients who would like to experience this service. To do so just visit the website at for full details.

Contact Info:
Name: Chris Hildebrand
Organization: Hildebrand Law, PC
Address: Portales Corporation Center II, 4900 N Scottsdale Rd #1500, Scottsdale, AZ 85251
Phone: (480) 305-8300

For more information, please visit

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