Disruptive Entrepreneurship Transforms US Healthcare, MyNEXUS Reports

MyNEXUS announces co-founder and CEO McArthur VanOsdale has been profiled as a 'Disruptive Healthcare Entrepreneur' by The Brookings Institution

— The Brookings Institution recently profiled myNEXUS co-founder and CEO McArthur VanOsdale, labeling him a 'Disruptive Healthcare Entrepreneur' working to improve healthcare in the United States. The Brookings Institution operates as a nonprofit public policy organization based in Washington, DC. The mission of the institution is to conduct independent, high-quality research and make use of that research to provide practical, innovative recommendations to advance broad goals.

"The Brookings Institution strives to strengthen democracy in America while fostering the social and economic welfare, opportunity and security of all Americans. At the same time, they work to secure an international system which is more cooperative, open, and prosperous. The Brookings Institution is proud to be consistently ranked as the most quoted, most influential and most trusted think tank. We are grateful that The Brookings Institution has recognized the innovation at myNEXUS and the attention we are bringing to the technology revolution occurring in healthcare " VanOsdale announces.

VanOsdale, upon graduating from college, began working as a managed-care consultant and frequently tried to work with others to show them their methods were outdated and inefficient. After several years working on the payor side and the provider side, he continuously challenged the system, yet didn't see the changes he knew were necessary. This led to the creation of myNEXUS, a company which monitors and manages patients with chronic disease, in their home, to improve their health care outcomes, and reduce the overall cost of healthcare. Simple steps taken at home allow for the identification of potential problems before they become critical.

VanOsdale explains myNEXUS makes use of analytics to identify members who are at high risk for an emergent and/or costly health crisis. Once identified, these patients are then enrolled in the program which shares information with physicians, health care providers and family members. With use of this program, which is paid for by insurance carriers, re-hospitalizations can be prevented and patients with chronic conditions obtain better outcomes, often remaining independent and in their homes.

myNEXUS acts as a partner, reducing costs, while using technology and data based decision making to optimize the care provided to patients. In the event use of the monitoring prevents costly treatment or a visit to a health care facility, the company shares in the savings obtained by the insurance company. Although this type of health care is new, the company expects to have 500,000 individuals or more by the middle of 2015, as the program delivers results for its partners. The program is currently available to insurers, hospitals and employers with self-insured plans, yet will soon be available to consumers who wish to purchase for themselves or a loved one.

"Successful health care innovations doesn't just decrease costs, they can also completely prevent the need for costly emergency treatments or long-term nursing home stays. This is where myNEXUS excels, by monitoring patients at home and sharing this information with health care providers. The providers then make treatment decisions based on the unique needs of the patient. Doing so reduces or eliminates the need for hospital re-admissions, emergency room visits or unnecessary trips to high-cost health care settings. Visit the myNEXUS blog and read our white papers to learn more about how we are using disruptive entrepreneurship and innovative technology to disrupt the healthcare status quo while improving the lives, care and independence for those with chronic illnesses and their families," VanOsdale recommends.

About myNEXUS, Inc:

myNEXUS, a Nashville, Tennessee based company, connects various facets of the healthcare system, including physicians, health providers, physicians and insurers with the goal being to reduce waste through better care management. Using business intelligence and proven clinical criteria, the company partners with insurance carriers to intelligently minimize the costs and risks associated with home-based care services. This includes DME, IV therapy and home health, and they do so through expertly managed outcomes and aligned incentives. Individuals suffering from chronic conditions benefit from the daily biometric monitoring system which allows myNEXUS to detect, prevent and intervene when needed. This leads to better outcomes, fewer re-hospitalizations and reduced costs.

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