Digbeth Birmingham Sports Massage Rotator Cuff Impingement Therapy Announced

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Digbeth, Birmingham sports massage practice Protune Sports Therapy has announced the availability of accurate injury assessment and rehabilitation services for rotator cuff impingement and injuries. Certified sports therapist Fiona Prochowski evaluates, diagnoses, and administers treatments for this and other common shoulder conditions.

Digbeth, Birmingham sports massage practice Protune Sports Therapy announced the availability of its rotator cuff impingement therapy. The practice provides injury assessment and rehabilitation solutions for common and uncommon sports injuries.

More information about Protune Sports Therapy is available at http://www.protunetherapy.com

Rotator cuff impingement is one of the most common injuries among sportspersons where the connective muscles and tendons in the shoulder suffer inflammation or tears. According to the National Health Service, shoulder impingements are one of the most common causes of shoulder pain.

According to Arthritis Research UK, torn or injured rotator cuffs are most common in people above 40. The condition is also common among sportspersons and professional athletes involved in cricket, tennis, volleyball, powerlifting, gymnastics, and swimming.

Protune Sports Therapy has recognized the need for accurate injury assessment and rehabilitation for this common condition and offers these services at its facilities in Birmingham. The Digbeth sports therapy centre conducts an initial injury assessment that includes the gathering of accurate medical history, posture or gait evaluation, motion & strength testing, followed by diagnosis and treatment recommendations.

Once a course of treatment has commenced, follow-up sessions at the centre involve massage, joint mobilization, rehabilitative exercises, and special therapies including ultrasound, cryotherapy, and heat treatments. Subsequent rehabilitation sessions involve a patient-specific regimen to improve muscle balance, agility, endurance, strength, performance, and to prevent future injuries.

According to a spokesperson for Protune Sports Therapy, “Rotator cuff injuries are often undetected for weeks to years and cause immense discomfort. Left unchecked and untreated, a torn rotator cuff can drastically affect an athlete’s performance. We are happy to help athletes find relief through intensive therapy regiments for long-term shoulder health.”

Protune Sports Therapy is a full-service sports massage, injury assessment, and injury rehabilitation practice in Birmingham. The practice is headed by owner and certified sports massage therapist Fiona Prochowski. Fiona is a member of the Society of Sports Therapists and is a Level 2 gym instructor and a Level 4 sports massage therapist. She is a pitchside sports therapist for North Midlands Rugby and lead injury therapist for Moseley Oak RFC. More information is available at http://www.protunetherapy.com.

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