Denver Colorado Buy or Sell a House Choice with Realtor Agent Podcast Released

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Many baby boomers are getting to the point where they must consider selling the family home and moving closer to the kids. This new podcast examines the process that one down-sizer in Denver went through to make that decision.

Do Baby Boomers really want to start over again to be home buyers after selling their homes? A recent Denver Podcast was just released that helps real estate downsizers decide what they need to think about. Each consumer needs to analyze for themselves if they should buy or they should not buy. This is especially important for baby boomers considering a downsizing option of selling the family home and moving to another state where the kids are.

See a summary of Kathleen Chiras’ comments and the audio clip that aired July 21, at 8:00 am 2018 on the Barry and Larry real estate show here:

There are 3 key things to consider when a downsizer is buying or selling:

1. Information – gather data from reliable and honest sources about home values

2. Protection – Get professional protection from top consumer oriented full fiduciary real estate agents

3. Avoid misinformation – If the agent is honest, knowledgeable, experienced, educated, and intelligent, downsizers can engage an agent who will provide full fiduciary services. Fiduciary means 100% loyalty so that the needs of the client are placed above the needs of the agent.

In the first stage, downsizers should try to put together the dollar amounts involved in both buying and selling. The buyer/seller that Kathleen counseled this summer is named Jodee. Jodee said: “I’m just thinking of selling my home and moving in the town where my daughter is”.

Jodee has a home valued at around $350,000 that she could sell in Denver’s hot real estate market where the median prices of homes for sale is $460,000. She is considering moving to Wisconsin, where her daughter lives. In Soughton, WI, she hopes to get a 3 bedroom, 2 bath ome for around $250,000, and pay cash and still have money left over for retirement. This is an enviable situation, which is much easier to deal with than those who want to do the opposite. The opposite situation would be selling in a midwestern state such as WI and trying to move into a market where the median prices of homes is much higher, such as Denver, Colorado

In the Podcast Kathleen discusses how she and Jodee talked a lot about taking on this first stage, which is a very analytical process. This Process will prepare the consumer with the knowledge she would need to buy or sell without putting pressure on herself to make a decision whether it’s a good idea to move or not. By calmly evaluating the facts of the market values, Jodee will be able to make a better analysis of whether it’s a good idea to actually make a move. Then she can move on to the more emotional factors that involves leaving the family home and friends, living in a different climate, and being closer to her daughter and grandchildren.

The podcast describes how Kathleen helped Jodee start by suggesting appointments with four good listing agents in the metro Denver area who agreed to provide her with an analysis of the value of her home. She also provided some buyer agents who would provide a free consultation on property values in Wisconsin. Jodee is going to visit her daughter next week to discuss whether it makes sense for her to move there, even if she can afford it.

Those wishing to move to the Denver Colorado region from out of state may wish to get a free list of agents at the Colorado Exclusive Buyer Agent’s site: Kathleen’s tips that are provided on the Barry Larry real estate consumer’s shows are published weekly at the above-mentioned site and on the Soundcloud platform.

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