Dejafali Marketing Announces Free Digital Marketing Consultations To Veterans!

Dejafali Marketing celebrates Easter early by giving back to the nation's armed forces veterans who run and manage businesses. They are being invited to call for a free 30-minute consultation in digital marketing and PR.

— Dejafali believes it is their corporate social responsibility to show veterans how much they appreciated their unflinching and sacrificial services to ensuring democracy and capitalism continue to thrive in a peaceful environment.

Dejafali Marketing, a leading digital marketing PR company and believes social media marketing is the future, is celebrating Easter by beginning to offer free digital marketing consultations to veterans of the US military. All veterans who call will receive a free 30-minute consultation in the digital marketing area of their business.

When placing a call to Dejafali Marketing at 214-494-9551, callers should mention their veteran status, and they will be connected with a consultant business coach with expertise in marketing, public relations, business management, or digital marketing, who will offer them a free consultation in an area of their greatest digital marketing needs.

“Even though this new program will continue throughout the Easter period, we are looking to continue it indefinitely should the response be overwhelming,” said Kennedy Benedio, spokesperson for Dejafali Marketing which specializes in digital marketing which is comprised of public relations and also social media marketing.

Kennedy Benedio with Gbenz Consulting teamed up with Lemmy Moore of Dejafali Marketing, specializing in helping a range of businesses dominate on Google by getting them on the first page of Google and generating clients for their business to increase revenues.

Clients targeted include celebrities, B2B, B2C companies, and professionals who are looking for that added push to start generating more revenues from their business
“When you think of getting more clients for your business, when you think of generating revenue for your company, there is no better choice than Dejafali Marketing,” said Benedio.

“We are committed to building long term relationships with clients interested in an integrated approach to digital marketing. Dejafali does this by simply helping businesses succeed by shortening the B2B sales cycle. What that means is getting the information to the prospect in the most easily and quickly digestible manner possible,” explained Benedio.

“Digital media marketing is no longer a hot fad to follow – it is a must have,” said Benedio. “Our clients expect it, Our competitors are all doing it. An unless we embrace and excel at digital media marketing integrated into the full marketing mix, we will be at a competitive disadvantage.”

With research showing most successful B2B businesses implementing digital media marketing campaigns, along with other more traditional tools like public relations, advertising, direct and email marketing, the Dejafali Marketing specialists’ approach is designed to help clients develop an all-inclusive approach to their marketing.

“Our approach is geared towards helping clients develop, grow, and maintain their social media fan base, generate more leads, improve rankings on the totem pole of search engine, develop and nurture relationships, and most importantly, cut marketing expenses,” noted Benedio.

He believes the fastest growing segment of the social media users now are adults aged 45-54.

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