Debbie Drum Hip Hop Dance Workout & Monkey Dance Video Tutorial Report Released

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Debbie Drum invites dancing enthusiasts to, take advantage of the quarantine and stay home period and add new dancing skills with her new Dance Monkey video diary compilation.

For people who want to dance for fun or want to dance to enjoy the health benefits of dancing, Debbie Drum released a new article report of her experience learning to dance by watching online tutorial videos by Dance Monkey during quarantine. Debbie Drum argues that anything is possible when people put the work in, including becoming a pro dancer. The video Dance Monkey lesson can teach anyone how to accomplish their dream without the need of enrolling in a formal dance class.

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The amazing Dance Monkey video is a full compilation of expert dance moves that gradually transformed Debbie from a pickleball player to a pro dancer. Debbie Drum believes that her new dancing skills helped her become even better at playing her favorite sport. She advises that positive results, progress, the acquiring of new skills take commitment, patience and consistency.

Debbie Drum admits that she never knew how to even execute any dance step before joining the dancing crew. And, even the shoulder surgery she had in 2019 couldn’t be a hindrance to pursuing her dream of learning how to dance.

The Dance Monkey training does not require that users have any previous experience dancing. Kids and adults alike can use the Dance Monkey workout to become great dancers in a short period.

It’s a comprehensive compilation revealing how to Dance Monkey and ultimately become a pro dancer at the comfort of one’s home. Every step, move, and all the dance techniques that Debbie learned have been detailed in the video.

Debbie Drum recommends that people take advantage of the dance compilation to learn how to dance hip hop and become a pro dancer on their own.

The dance workout Monkey Dance can be found at . Viewers don’t need to even know how to move their hips in a proper dancing manner to dance like a pro. Any enthusiast can use the Dance Monkey workout to kickstart their dancing in a short while. Just like any other life endeavor, all it takes is commitment and consistency.

Besides being a pickleball player, Debbie Drum is a seasoned self-publisher author on Amazon’s Kindle, Barnes & Noble, iBook, and a couple of other platforms. So far, she has self-published 50 books.

Interested parties can learn more about Debbi Drum’s dance lesson experience at .

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