DaVinci Launches Ascent, The World’s Most Advanced Portable Vaporizer

DaVinci has created the latest in their line of portable vaporizer technology in time to hit the Christmas market with their most advanced vaporizing device to date.

— Vaporizers are used by aromatherapy practitioners to create smoke from dry blends of beneficial herbs and spices that are rich in flavor and create a relaxing effect on the body and mind. The technology used in Vaporizers has been hard to create in a portable form and many portable vaporizers have proved unwieldy and limited by overheating and maintenance issues. DaVinci has now launched a portable Vaporizer smaller than the iPhone that uses batteries rather than combustion to electronically vaporize blends and even liquid oils. The product has been launched on their official website in time to make an ideal gift for Christmas.

The Ascent vaporizer is the first to feature an all-glass vapor delivery system, which preserves the richness of flavor and thickness of the vapor. Unlike combustible devices which destroy 30-40% of dry blends, the Ascent uses a battery powered heater with variable heat settings that can increase and decrease in stages.

The device comes in a range of finishes, from the classic car inspired walnut to the futurist carbon fibre, even crocodile skin to accessorize the device with a luxury handbag. The device is also the first to offer liquid vaporization instead of a dry aromatic blend, using small phials included in the purchase to host the liquids.

A spokesperson for DaVinci explained, “The Ascent is called such because it is a huge step up in terms of technological innovation across multiple fronts, taking the best of our previous work and no small amount of new technology to create a device which is portable, easy to use, easy to clean and maintain and maximizes the amount of product individuals enjoy from their vaping instead of being wasted in the vaporization process. The product is one we are immensely proud of, and certainly one of the best portable vaporizers. It would make an extraordinary Christmas gift for those interested in portable aromatherapy.”

About DaVinci:
DaVinci design and manufacture the best portable vaporizers on the market. Having created several products during their history, they have taken the best features of all their models and combined them into a single unit. The new product represents the most unique and complete solution on the market - the Ascent vaporizer.

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