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Dac San Dao Phu Quoc introduced Canned Black Fungus in Tomato Sauce to Its Menu

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Dac San Dao Phu Quoc offers a blend of delicious and nutritious products, Mito Black Tomato Mushroom, at an affordable price to save the cooking time.

Dac San Dao Phu Quoc, a popular company, dealing in mushroom cultivation, recently launched Black Termite Mushroom in tomato sauce. The company claims to specialize in cultivating the mushroom for both serving tourists as well as trading. Moreover, the company has got the success in transferring the technology of black fungus cultivation and to about 100 satellites throughout the country.

Black termite mushrooms are the rarest variety of mushrooms that grow on termite nests in May, after the rainy season. Because of the taste and nutrition, they are searched a lot in the market. These mushrooms enhance the tastes of any dish with their unique sweetness and crispy horns, be it simple or high-class.

The company claims that its new launch can save the time spent in the kitchen cooking the food. In the hustle and bustle of everyday life, families hardly get to spend time together. Hence, more families are turning to canned foods. As canned food comes in variety, without preservatives, and is time-saving. The people looking for alternatives can opt for the canned black termite with tomato, which is affordable as well as nutritious.

The product is launched after years of research while keeping the tastes of their customers in mind. It can be used right after opening the lid or can be prepared according to the family’s taste. The convenience and utility are the pros of the product that saves a lot of time in the cooking and makes the perfect option for breakfast. Even though it is canned, the taste, freshness, and quality of the food remain intact.

Separate packaging methods are used to can different food for long-term storage — processed food sealed in air-tight containers. However, a general method involves three steps - Processing, Canning, and Heating. In processing, the food is washed, peeled, cut, boned, and cooked with required spices. The second step involves sealing the boxes, and following that, heating is performed where the boxes are heated in a pasteurized oven to prevent them from the damage.

Mito Black Tomato Mushroom is prepared with specific requirements, for mushrooms, the black fungus must be of high-quality, and the meat should be firm. The mushroom buds must have a length of about 10-15cm, and round ears around 3-5cm. After harvesting, the mushrooms must turn into light brown fungi, and standard should be maintained during preservation. The selection of tomatoes is made carefully, as they are the raw material needed in the product. Tomatoes must have grown organically without growth promoters; they should be bright red, fresh, and firm (not crushed). With Black Mushroom Mito Sauce, every family can enjoy a unique meal.

About the Company:
Dac San Dao Phu Quoc specializes in mushroom cultivation, trade of edible and medicinal mushrooms, and technology transfer of black mushrooms. The company has a team of experienced and well-versed engineers and staff, who keep on increasing the standard of quality and provide high-quality products in the market.

Contact Details:

Contact Info:
Name: Tom George
Email: Send Email
Organization: Dac San Dao Phu Quoc
Address: 816/6 Nguyen Duy Trinh, Phu Huu, District 9, HCMC
Phone: (+84) 2866881919


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