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Cryptocurrency QiBuck Coin Offers Passive Income Streams to Holders

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Cryptocurrency QiBuck Coin allows stakeholders with more than 100 QBK to automatically own "shares" and earn residual income from QiBuck community investments.

— Upcoming unprecedented cryptocurrency QiBuck Coin, QBK prepares to go live in August. QiBuck is a hybrid Proof of Stake coin that implements an exclusive Proof of Bagholding (PoBH) innovation, so far unprecedented in the cryptocurrency space. PoBH is similar to owning shares in a company; adopters receive bonuses for staking more than 100 QBK in their personal wallet - but with the bonus of profiting from the various investments the QBK team has invested in. The ambitious QiBuck development team is looking to expand with major investments in Bitcoin ATM machines and plastic wallet cards. QiBuck will be listed on popular cryptocurrency exchange Poloniex immediately after launch and investors can purchase QiBuck during the ICO phase at Poloniex now.

QiBuck implements the new X13 algorithm - the next stage in the evolution of popular X11. To ensure it retains value QBK has a maximum supply of 2 million coins. The ICO funds are well protected by escrow at Poloniex and implements advanced security measurements to achieve the highest level of security for the QiBucka´ community.

QiBuck has a generous monthly PoS interest rate of 5%. The unique Proof of Bagholding innovation means all holders with 100 coins or more are eligible to profit from the QiBuck' investment portfolio’s net income on a monthly basis. The higher amounts of QiBuck Coins an individual holds the higher their potential profits will be. QiBuck will also be registering a company to support the coin. Ensuring the QiBuck project remains completely transparent and enabling adopters to have shares in the revenue created by the various investments made by the company. QiBuck is shaping up to be a profitable and unprecedented cryptocurrency alternative for alt coin professionals and enthusiasts alike.

The ambitious QiBuck team works under the slogan "Let's not wait for miracles to happen - Let's create them!" and consists of professional miners, computer experts, web designers and online marketing and promotion experts. By investing in Bitcoin/Cryptocurrency related projects like QiBuck cards and Bitcoin ATM’s, QiBuck strives to be a vital part of the wider cryptocurrency and Bitcoin ecosystem:

“QiBuck strives to exist in a harmonious crypto environment whereby we will also have future jv projects with other coin development teams to generate more wealth and also a more stable and less volatile space for crypto investors.” The QiBuck dev team states.

QiBuck hopes to collaborate with other crypto organizations such as Adsactly and the Universal Crowd-funding Investments Portal to create a charity organisation to promote sustainable living around the world. The idea with the project is to invest in Crypto Currency related projects in order to support entrepreneurs without the means to change their situation. QiBuck also encourages other cryptocurrencies to reach out to the team and form partnerships, as well as tasking the project with the mission of increasing the knowledge about cryptocurrencies globally.

“We will also share our revenues to create more and more distribution of QiBuck to those less fortunate ones who need a break to be able to thrive and blossom. We believe that every being on this planet has the right, not only to a nice warm home and security, but also has the right to own the freedom to grow and develop to his or hers fullest potential and to this end we present our vision for QiBuck Coin.” The QiBuck Dev Team

QiBuck has already mapped out the next four stages in which they will execute their ambitions for the unprecedented currency. The plan contains clear milestones such as the release of the coin, registration of a supporting company, investments in which QiBuck looks to enhance the monetary value of PoBH shares, education projects and finally the launch of charitable projects in which people worldwide will be able to create a sustainable living with help of cryptocurrencies. With its unique investments and passive income opportunity for QiBuck holders, as well as its world changing mission and philosophy, QiBuck is an emerging cryptocurrency to keep an eye on.

* This press release is for informational purposes only. The information does not constitute investment advice or an offer to invest. Please conduct your own due diligence.

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