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Crown Gold Exchange Launches High Price Guarantee To Offset Unfair Industry Practices

Locally owned small business forgoes shareholders to offer above average payouts.

— Gold continues to make headlines as the most valuable precious metal known to man; in fact, geological estimates indicate the value of Earth's inclusive supply of gold at its current price would amount to almost $1,000 per person worldwide. With prevalent financial distress continuing to plague many, an increasing number of those who own gold jewelry, coins and other pieces are counting on these items to yield their share of this allotment.

Along with the escalating appeal of selling precious metals comes a surge in the number of businesses hoping to cash in on widespread lack of understanding of the valuation process involved. This leaves many harried consumers walking away from such businesses with far less money than their items are actually worth. In an effort to break this pattern, Cesar Meyer of Crown Gold Exchange has launched the company's high price guarantee.

Meyer confirmed, "Since our founding, we have taken a great deal of pride in offering our customers a place where they can sell their unwanted jewelry with the confidence of knowing they are getting the most straightforward service possible. We have already become known for providing payouts that are among the highest in the country, and our guarantee now stipulates we will exceed any legitimate competitor's offer by 10 percent."

The monetary worth of gold, silver and platinum pieces is calculated based on a trio of common factors, one of which is the current value known as the spot price. While the value of precious metals is in a state of constant flux, prices remain near all-time highs. The second element considered in cash for gold Riverside programs is the Karat, or level of purity. The highest rating is 24K, which is considered pure gold; however, items of lower Karats are composed of gold combined with other metals, such as silver, nickel and copper.

Meyer noted the varied coloration of gold depends on the type of metal added to the amalgam. Rose gold denotes the use of copper whereas white gold is indicative of the use of silver or nickel. Yellow gold retains its original hue due to smaller amounts of alternate metals being added. The bulk of gold jewelry in circulation in America is 14K, meaning gold accounts for 58.5 percent of its total composition. Crown Gold Exchange employs 2 methods of testing to ensure accurate Karat ratings.

The final factor in determining the value of an item is weight, which is measured in pennyweights. Twenty pennyweights are equivalent to 1 Troy ounce. When calculating the price of an item in question, the piece's Karat is divided by 24 and multiplied by its weight. This figure is then multiplied by the current price of the metal. Though all businesses offering cash for gold Ontario follow this standard, many of Crown Gold Exchange's industry leading competitors drastically reduce payouts in order to maximize their own profit margins.

Said Meyer, "Being a locally owned business, we are not bound by the interests of shareholders as many companies in our industry are. We use this to the benefit of our customers. This is the means by which we are able to offer higher payouts to those who turn to us when they need to sell their jewelry, coins, heirlooms and other pieces of gold, silver or platinum."

About Crown Gold Exchange:
Established in 2010, Crown Gold Exchange began with a single location. By setting an industry standard in customer service, the company rapidly grew and now serves the public from 18 locations across southern California.

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Name: Cesar Meyer
Organization: Crown Gold Exchange
Phone: (951) 785-5788

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