Crowdfunding Investment Futures Exchanges Risk Reduction Campaign Launched

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The expert team behind Demand Derivatives have launched a crowdfunding investment opportunity to develop a revolutionary futures exchange and clearing house with plans to trade upon approval.

The expert team behind Demand Derivatives, a leading aggregate with extensive experience in derivative markets, has launched an ambitious crowdfunding opportunity to develop a revolutionary futures exchange and clearing house .

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The newly launched crowdfunded investment opportunity is designed to support the exchange’s product, which aims to reduce and potentially eliminate both open-ended risks for traders and systemic risk for the industry.

Futures markets have repeatedly faced vulnerabilities over the past few years. This includes, but is not limited to, panics, extreme volatility caused by global events, liquidity pockets, and negative prices.

Demand Derivatives expects to overcome these concerns by utilizing optimized instrument designs, total transaction savings of 50% to 90%, user-selected maximum risk levels, instant clearing, and if desired, precise close-to-close exposure.

There are four novel instruments central to the exchange’s anticipated market improvements including RealVol®, which realizes volatility indices and instruments, RealDay, which features delayed-strike daily options, RealGlobe, a tool that looks at equity indices from around the world with large cost cuts, and the flagship product RealLimit for limited-risk futures contracts.

The expert team at Demand Derivatives have many decades of experience and have opted to utilize the FINRA-registered crowdfunding portal Net Capital. The portal is designed to enable people to easily invest in private companies in a bid to open private capital markets.

A company representative for Demand Derivatives said: “We have a vision to upgrade the futures industry to add security and overcome the vulnerabilities it faces.”

“The outpouring of enthusiasm and encouragement we have received thus far from the industry has been overwhelming and proves there is a need for the platform we are offering. With financial support, we can turn this vision into a reality and share in its success together,” they added.

To find out more, interested parties are invited to visit the website provided.

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