Creative Tax Solutions has only been in business for seven years but has already helped more than 20,000 clients

15 September, 2020

Ever since the founding of Creative Tax, the company has been committed to helping people manage tax debt and restore financial freedom. The vast majority of its clients get into difficulties through no fault of their own. An unexpected medical or household expense comes up, and wages aren’t enough to cover it. The only option is to dip into money earmarked for Uncle Sam, creating problems with the IRS.

Unfortunately, the Internal Revenue Service doesn’t take kindly to those who fail to pay it according to the law. And so it starts by sending letters in the post demanding payment followed by escalated action, such as wage garnishment and taking money directly from client bank accounts. All of this can be scary for the individual concerned, and it is not always clear to whom they must turn.

Here’s where Creative Tax Solutions enters the picture. The company has only been around for seven years, but in that time, it has helped more than 20,000 clients push through their IRS issues. It offers practical, friendly, down-to-Earth help that enables clients to reestablish financial health.

Its process is straightforward. First, it starts by evaluating clients’ current position with the IRS, looking at how much money they owe compared to their income - and what they need to pay off each month to stay on top of their bills.

Second, they stop the IRS from contacting clients and sending threatening letters in the post. Their experts arrange client repayments into a single affordable monthly balance, negating the need to deal with officials from the tax authority. We take care of that.

The team has more than 25 years of experience between them and carries out this work every day. Thousands of people have benefited from their approach to tax debt.

Being in debt is often a challenging experience, but it can be even more alarming when it involves the government. It often makes clients feel insignificant and trapped.

Thus, experts at Creative Tax Solutions calm the waters and help clients get the best possible outcome. When clients receive letters in the post every day demanding payment, they can’t concentrate on their work or develop a strategy to help themselves out of the problem. They need guidance from understanding professionals who deal with similar cases every day and can plot a way out.

Creative Tax Solutions, in many ways, lives up to its names. It uses negotiating expertise to calm the waters with the IRS, buying clients vital time to put together a plan and get clients the financial freedom they deserve. Their job is to get to the bottom of tax issues, ensure that clients only pay the money they owe, avoid fines and fees, and find a manageable plan to see them through. So far they have an excellent track record.

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Randy McCabe

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