Creative Department Of The Innovative Advertising Agency Red Baron Is Moving

The creative department of the innovative advertising agency Red Baron is moving to Spitshof in Geldern. Only eleven years after its founding, Red Baron is opening a new creative studio there.

— It's official: The creative department of the innovative advertising agency Red Baron is moving to Spitshof in Geldern. Only eleven years after its founding, Red Baron is opening a new creative studio there. Here, spacious, modern studio space combines with the nostalgic past to get the creative juices flowing.

As an advertising agency, Red Baron has distinguished itself primarily in the area of successful corporate advertising and website design. Additionally, in the last two years there has been a strong focus on adapting corporate websites to mobile devices such as smartphones. By keeping a finger on the pulse of time, Red Baron has enabled its clients to really move forward by producing enduring advertising campaigns.

Red Baron's professional team recognizes the importance of print media, which, in addition to internet and email, has it's rightful place in the marketing mix. Well-designed business cards and / or flyers which put companies literally "in the picture" are additional marketing tools which are as relevant as ever in the business world. Professional business cards which clearly display a company's logo are perfect door openers, and often lead to increased orders and higher turnover. Effective business cards are not limited to being made of paper. Red Baron shows the power of being different from the rest. Business cards made of wood, stone, aluminum or silver are all possible. Be prepared to be surprised.

Give this unique advertising agency a call on +49 2832 974222 to discover the difference a top advertising agency can make for a company.

The extensive references from small and medium-sized businesses, which can be found on the website, speak for themselves. Red Baron has also made a name for itself by caring for clients who other advertising agencies did not consider lucrative enough. Be inspired by the pages created by this team of creative lateral-thinkers and designers, because an advertising agency is no longer just an advertising agency. To a business owner, CEO or marketing director, only one thing really matters - the success of the various advertising campaigns. Creativity, as valuable as it may be, does not by itself go far enough.

Many of Red Baron's clients come from primary industries, such as manufacturing. However, its clientele also includes tanning salons, beauty parlors, legal firms, dental practices, as well as financial advisors. Everyone has the same goal - to get ahead through creative and effective advertising.

Thanks to a steadily increasing number of clients, it became clear that the only way to meet the growing demand was by expanding the agency. This is exactly what the move to Spitshof in Geldern will make possible. It will furnish the creative minds behind Red Baron with what they need to utilize the entire spectrum of conceivable marketing tools. Web design for mobile devices will continue to feature prominently, as it has done during the last two years.

By now, the obvious question must be, is there anything that this advertising agency doesn't do? That is easy to answer, as Red Baron doesn't do radio or television advertising. However, they can recommend an agency in that sector.

Discover how clever advertising ideas can attract new customers like magnets. Take just three minutes to give them a call and be inspired by their innovative ideas.

Companies that work with Red Baron are better-positioned in the marketplace than their competitors and thus have a competitive advantage. When the amount of customers visiting a company's online shop or their bricks-and-mortar business suddenly increases, that is the proof that the marketing campaign has hit the right nerve with the target group. Red Baron will deliver the marketing strategy that will really attract potentially interested customers. Red Baron's marketing strategies will not only attract one-time customers, but repeat customers, thereby ensuring a company's longterm profitability. Engaging customers' emotions is key, and that is Red Baron's forte.

Give Red Baron a call on +49 2832 974222 to discuss the potential benefits of using innovative and appropriate marketing tools. Visit and check out the references from small and medium-sized businesses. Read about Red Baron's multi-branch competency. The move to Spitshof in Geldern is a stepping-stone for all of Red Baron's clients. In the new studio creativity is really unlimited.

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