Coviball With Videochat Is Different To Other Free Online Soccer Games

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With the coronavirus quarantine, people want to connect with friends and have fun. The new Coviball game provides entertainment to those who like to play free online soccer games.

Bnei Brak, Israel

With the coronavirus pandemic forcing many people into quarantine, there has been a rise in popularity of free online soccer games. To meet the rising demand to play football online, Eyeslick Active Media Ltd, a pioneer in video chat and live broadcasting, recently launched their Coviball online soccer game that is free to play.

Up to Eight Players can Play Coviball

With Coviball, players can play a 1 v 1 game or they can create a team of up to 4 players to play against other teams of 4 players. The team element appeals to people that like to play soccer online. Each session of Coviball can have a maximum of 8 people taking part.

Eyeslick Active Media CEO, Michal Kashani, said “since we launched Coviball the response has been amazing. People from all over the world are going crazy for this game”. Kashani went on to talk about why his company, Eyeslick, created Coviball.

“When we used to all work together in the office providing our professional video chat service to service providers, we used to enjoy playing soccer in the office. When the covid-19 pandemic hit, we were forced to stay at home. So we came up with the idea of using our technology to play football online”.

Emphasis on Connecting with Friends

Kashani also stated “when we were designing Coviball we wanted the emphasis to be on people staying in touch with their friends and having fun during the coronavirus quarantine. We provided the team play feature because we know that people that worked in offices would miss playing soccer together, and Coviball was a way for them to do that again.”

He went on to state “not only was the aim of Coviball to communicate with current friends and work colleagues, but it had to allow for the creation of new friends as well. So we have an invitation feature where players can invite others to register to play the game”.

Coviball Features

When people play Coviball they have access to the following features:

· 1 player versus 1 player or team play up to 4 players each side

· Players or teams are awarded with points for winning and there are special rewards

· Two magic powers for game enhancement – a magnet feature for pulling the ball and an ice feature to freeze the ball in play

· Each user has their own profile and performance data

· Game history feature

There is also a player’s list feature which enables users to be challenged by other users to play a game of Coviball. The recent matches section provides details of games played, the type of game (number of players), the duration of the game and the score.

As with other free online soccer games, it is free to register to play Coviball. Register at

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Eyeslick Active Media is a company based in Israel that has developed cutting edge video chat technology. They provide calling, live broadcasting, live video, streaming video and ecommerce services as part of their active media marketplace.

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