Coronavirus Safe Lodging, Fishing, Nature Vacation NW Arkansas or Eureka Springs

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There are COVID-19 safe lodging choices for cabins, fishing and float trips in NW Arkansas and Eureka Springs. It's important to know what to look for before choosing your vacation option.

There are several characteristics to keep in mind when considering a safe place to lodge during the corona pandemic. One example of a cabin lodging provider that implements policies and safety practices mentioned below is White River Cabins near Eureka Springs Arkansas just above the scenic White River. All things equal, a vacationer is far safer in a smaller setting where less people are apt to gather.

There are a variety of smaller lodging facilities, some surrounded by a more natural environment that welcome smaller parties. During the corona epidemic, the outlying areas around smaller towns in northwest Arkansas are a more optimal choice for getting out of the home, yet doing it without compromising safety.

When considering options, travelers can have peace of mind by choosing travel destinations that implement proactive measures to keep vacationers safe during times when COVID-19 is a concern.

One precaution that some lodge and cabin providers implement is a no contact check-in policy. That means they give guests directions and have the key waiting inside, or in a manner that allows no personal contact to obtain entry to a cabin, room, or suite. They answer questions and address matters through the phone, and keys can simply remain on the premises upon check out.

Additionally, it is wise to choose a cabin or suite from a source that is addressing the cleanliness of their surfaces with products that kill germs. While all room providers should be doing this, some pay special attention to it, and make it known in their descriptions or advertising. This need not equate to the use of harsh chemicals as there are a number of more natural sanitizing products that keep surfaces germ-free.

During times when the coronavirus could be a threat to safety, look for reviews that mention things like cleanliness and attention to details. While this is useful anytime, these reviews are especially useful when travelers want to assure their safety as if they were in their own home. Lodging and traveling does not have to mean additional risk if the proper measures are taken. This will largely depend upon the proactive practices and reputation of one’s lodging provider.

In northwest Arkansas, some cabin reservations will leave a space of one day between guests to have ample time for the cleaning and new exchange of air. Again, providers that mention such practices set themselves apart. Vacationing smart means learning about lodging owners that actively and intentionally design their accommodations with safety as a key priority.

Some lodging sources will convey practices such as those listed above. If no safety precautions are noted on their website, it can sometimes be a signal that no extra measures are taken during coronavirus. When vacations and visits are taken, it is wise to make a choice that provides both peace of mind and safety as well as accommodations that create enjoyment.

Natural environments, rather than busy cities can be a wise choice during times when COVID-19 is a concern. To lessen interaction with crowds, space and scenery take on a value beyond what they would during more ordinary times. Fewer people and environments where natural surroundings are prevalent can make all the difference during such times. Large hotels may not be the best choice when it comes to reducing risk.

Private kitchens and grills bring the additional advantage of preparing food of one’s choice. While many Eureka Springs and other restaurants may be in partial or take-out operation, kitchens give guests the option to take care of meals affordably and conveniently.

Hiking and fishing in beautiful NW Arkansas and lodging by the White River can be more valuable than ever during times when people wish to recreate with little or no coronavirus or other disease risk. See

Social distancing is not a problem when visitors have plenty of natural spaces and cabins designed for personal safety.

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