Content Publisher Dagelan Announces Launch of Its New Website Platform

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Dagelan is one of the top content creators in Indonesia. As a publisher, they specialize in distributing jokes, memes, and humorous content for the entertainment of online readers.

South Jakarta City, Indonesia—Dagelan, a creative publisher that focuses on humor and entertainment, announces a move from social media, specifically Instagram, to a new website platform at The company’s Instagram account has amassed over 10 million followers in just five years, and now the organization is looking to expand its audience even further through a new platform.

Dagelan began their enterprise through the Instagram account, @dagelan, where they distributed jokes and memes. The company posted up to 40 times a day through a strong usage of UGC or user-generated content, meaning that Dagelan would re-post content from their followers to share it with the whole community.

Dagelan takes content from the community and then refurbishes it before representing it on their channel. This strategy helps the company to post much more frequently than many other organizations. It also engages the community and makes them more likely to interact with and share Dagelan’s posts.

The new website will allow users to post funny and positive comments on each piece of content to foster a cohesive community. Dagelan hopes to provide the public with serious information that is presented in a humorous light.

Dagelan is also currently dedicated to building several other Instagram handles including @Komikin_Ajah and @Memein_Ajah. These channels are devoted to providing a place for content creators to post their work so that they will be able to advertise themselves as a ‘Meme Creator’ and enhance their portfolio.

Instead of teaching these content creators and their followers how to be funny, the company seeks to help community members build confidence and their sense of humor, so they can produce entertaining material on their own. This method creates engaged and active community members rather than passive consumers of content. In the long run, the community will be strengthened by the actions of Dagelan.

Dagelan also tries to reach out to communities that are underserved and underrepresented. Their emphasis on community empowerment has led them to develop their website platform. Dagelan’s website will allow more of a community to develop and improve the reading culture in Indonesian society.

Humor is used by people in every culture throughout the world to deal with topics and situations that are otherwise difficult or uncomfortable. It is a common language that can bring people together. Dagelan is looking to tap into this universal form of communication to help build inclusive communities with a shared appreciation for humor.

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Organization: Dagelan
Address: Gaharu 2 - 20, West Cilandak, South Jakarta City, Jakarta, DKI Jakarta 12430, Indonesia
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