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Belisario has a network of sites that get over 30 million hits online, and has used this influence to make a meaningful impact on his audience.

The name Belisario Perrone is starting to become a household name in the internet marketing space.

He’s impacted the lives of people all around the globe

Belisario Perrone is a famous internet marketer, who is best known as being the owner of BLOOX Media, a content amplification platform. It spreads content, or your website across multiple different websites around the internet automatically.

This can range from well known websites, to established news outlets, in which your content automatically gets advertised on.

This company by Belisario, allows anyone to have the opportunity, to get more traffic, and attention towards their business and brand..

He is one of the honest entrepreneurs, who practices what he preaches. He tries to see as much of the world as possible and exposed himself to as many culture shocks as possible

Like I mentioned during the beginning Belisario is the man behind the BLOOX Media website. It gives basically anyone the opportunity to spread their message, and get the attention they deserve, that would normally otherwise be reserved for the few powerful minority of people.

They especially focus on the PR aspect regarding this attention, and the PR industry as a whole.

BLOOX is a very established company, that really focuses on providing equal opportunity for all businesses to be able to have their own voice in this big world.

You don’t believe in advertising segmented on digital, ATL, BTL, PR anymore, do you?

This is just terminology. If you say mobile advertising 99 percent of the customers wouldn’t even know what to think about. They think that maybe is mobile manners or mobile social media. But it really doesn’t matter. You’ll always find logistics ( like Facebook is a platform and you can buy Facebook ads, Google is a platform you can buy search words) all of these things are clever and smart and make a lot of sense, but on the long run advertising is about making brands culturally relevant. You need spread, but you also need insights like touch points with people, you need emotions, you need a lot of aspects. You can’t sort it with one thing.

So you believe that when a client comes and asks for a campaign he should be then advised by the agency what media to use and why. Not the other way around: the client coming and asking for a tv or digital or BTL campaign, even that may not be what he really needs.

To convince someone to believe in you or respect someone or convince him to follow you, in order to build brands and communities you need different touch points. It’s completely impossible to try and force something down the throat of people. We need to reach them from different touch points.

We need a tv commercial to show credibility or scale. We need media news to talk about it. We need outdoor ads because it also shows some kind of respect, if that’s what we want to tell with the brand.

How is it to be an entrepreneur in US?

I said no to amazing budgets and brands. I dare to fail and say no, because life is not only about cash. In the end is also about shaping it and controlling it. In some markets everyone needs to survive, so I am in a lucky spot, not being forced to pass through that. We also had some tough years when we needed to sell everything, because you can never underestimate the power of a good profit. Because it also gives you freedom to do other stuff. It’s about reinvestment. The philosophy that we always had was that we always reinvest in the agency: spend the money on your staff, on you, but then it should be about the tools and environment and education.

It’s more than an advertising agency, it’s a creative hub.

That is the point. The reason advertising exists is to make brands cultural relevant. I can have as much production in California as I want to, but people will not buy the services if I don’t know their culture. And if I can’t tell the clients how their world works why would they hire me? That’s where we get our insights in order to generate ideas.

According to Belisario, he believe in advertising that moves the industry in a right direction, he don’t believe in short-term gimmicky stuff that just have an effect. It doesn’t make any sense to him. “Advertising needs to change culture, needs to change people, the environment we live in. Otherwise we are just business consultant people that help brands to make money tomorrow. But we need to make relevance in this society, to make brand relevant to people. If we don’t have a better meaning then just numbers we are doomed and we will never survive as an industry.”

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