Cognitive Behavioral Therapy for Insomnia, How to Sleep Well in 2018.

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The Rest Assured Sleep Program. The only online CBTi program of its kind. is a new, unique online company that is changing how Cognitive Behavioral Therapy can be utilized for people suffering from insomnia from the comfort of their home. Cognitive Behavioral Therapy is a highly effective form of therapy that when applied to the treatment of insomnia has shown positive results.

Often, Cognitive Behavioral Therapy can be expensive and time consuming for most people. People seeking out CBT usually have to schedule a few hours of the day to visit a counselor and pay anywhere from 80-250 per hour. In today’s busy world where most people find it hard to find time for anything outside of family and work. Taking care of personal health concerns can often fall to the bottom of what is important in day to day life.

The Rest Assured Sleep Program is a program designed to help busy people develop skills to treat and manage the condition of insomnia from the comfort of home. The skills taught in the Rest Assured Sleep Program are skills that can be used for a lifetime. Participants will learn useful, effective and simple skills to understand why insomnia occurs and how it can be treated through personalized brain training.

Understanding how insomnia occurs and what keeps it going is a core focus of the Rest Assured Sleep Program. Not only will participants learn effective lifelong skills the help treat insomnia, but they will gain a deeper understanding of why insomnia continues and can become worse, if not treated effectively. Many people will resort to the use of pharmaceuticals for a quick fix just to sleep through the night. This approach is analogous to putting a band-aid on a cut that needs stitches. Participants will learn how to track their sleep, develop healthy sleep and bed time habits, and learn how certain activities can contribute to perpetual insomnia.

Participants will be under the direct supervision and guidance of Dr. James Rainwater, Ph.D founder of Your Health Seminar and the Rest Assured Sleep Program.

Make 2018 the year of good, healthy sleep. Learn effective skills to conquer and cure insomnia once and for all. The Rest Assured Sleep Program is the only online program of its kind. It is the only online CBTi program that allows participants to directly interact with the sleep therapist from the comfort of home, while still learning brain training and cognitive skill that can benefit all areas of life.

CBTi is an effective natural therapy for insomnia and the Rest Assured Sleep Program from is an easy, convenient and affordable way to learn the skills necessary to sleep well, for life!

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Name: Dr. James Rainwater, and Kristen Nielson
Organization: Your Health Seminar
Address: Boulder, Boulder, Colorado Colorado, United States
Phone: +1-303-304-1604

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