Cloud Defender 2.0 Matt Garrett 2018 100% Uptime Fast Page Load Tool Launched

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Matt Garrett has launched a new cloud based security tool called Cloud Defender, which helps to keep customer’s websites online no matter what. It can also offer boosts to SEO with faster page load times.

A new high quality cloud based security software has been launched by Matt Garrett, helping to make it easier than ever before to protect multiple sites anywhere. Cloud Defender 2 is used by over two million businesses, and has a number of benefits for businesses in any niche.

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Many business owners have heard about DDos attacks happening to big websites in recent months, which take them down for varying amounts of time. The trouble is, for small, medium and large businesses, a site going down can cost them big money.

When it’s not DDos attacks, there are bad bot traffic elements that suck up all the available bandwidth, which can also take a site down. This can also lead to the site owner having to pay a fortune in extra hosting fees.

What’s more, page scrapers can steal content with ease unless the site is properly protected against such ventures. This type of activity is illegal, and slows down company websites across the net, lowering rankings and dropping sales.

However, using Cloud Defender, it’s possible to protect against these kinds of attack. It allows the customer to set up a virtual cloud around their website, which protects them from DDos attacks, leeching content thieves, and traffic bots.

Cloud Defender is a tried and tested system for setting up the ultimate in server security for any WordPress site. For the businesses using it, it won’t just lock down their entire server and protect it from harm, it will also speed up their site load times.

This means that overnight, companies in any niche can improve their web security while also boosting conversions. Furthermore, the improvement made to the website’s loading times will have a positive effect on the SEO score, with faster page time loads.

Businesses are able to have a better peace of mind knowing that their site will stay online no matter what. Full details are available on the URL above, with additional details provided at:

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