CLOI Now Helps With Common Core State Standards Like Close Reading Skills

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CLOI Has New Offerings Around Common Core State Standards. This new announcement / Offering helps to Improve Students Close Reading Skills That They Can Use Going Forward For Retention.

Close Reading

CLOI has announced help and classes for Close Reading, A common core standard. CLOI believes in staying up to date with new and older standards. Education Director for CLOI, Debbie Trakin states” Teachers must demonstrate how close reading conveys a deeper understanding of the material that leads to greater success when asked to perform a task related to that text. In other words, Close reading is a valuable skill we are happy to now offer!”

For some background here is a quick outline for Close Reading Activity, and what the new course offers:

Begin with a short passage. This can be one page from a class novel, a poem, or one subtopic in a textbook chapter. For demonstrating close reading, it is easier to see the techniques applied in a brief text. Set up for success by pre-teaching new vocabulary. This gives you a sense of your students’ background knowledge while helping them to read more fluently. Read and re-read the text 3-4 times using variety of purposes. Different methods should be used such as read-aloud by the teacher, choral reading, and partner reading. Explain the reason for each reading of the text.

For example:

The first reading is to get acquainted with the text and use the newly learned vocabulary in context. The second reading may be to develop questions based on the subheadings in a nonfiction text. In a fictional passage, the purpose may be to note a particular literary device that the author uses such as simile, metaphor or hyperbole. The third reading can be to clarify questions and answer them with text evidence.

Trakin also stated “The new course offering are available for teachers now, and add to an already large portfolio”.

Click the link to find a really helpful Cornell Note Taker that will allow students to use as an effective study tool.

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