Clever Marketing Launches New Intuitive Website Showcasing 7 Years of Success

Clever Marketing understands that reinvention to stay ahead of the competition is essential, and they have recently launched their all-new website to live by their own guiding principles.

— The digital market is now becoming the most important of all to businesses looking to establish themselves in the minds of new customers. The digital world has changed the frequency and manner in which we interact with one another, and many businesses have been slow to capitalize on this and get in the middle of a process which can generate leads, produce sales and establish brands in new and effective ways. Clever Marketing specialises in offering services that can achieve this for businesses, and has recently redesigned its website to demonstrate key principles in action.

The redesign took effect a month ago and has already resulted in new clients for the company, who specialize in novel ways of creating customer engagement and lead generation through online and digital approaches. The new site includes no shortage of client testimonials and case studies to show exactly how results have been achieved on behalf of existing clients, and can be achieved for new clients.

The new website uses interactive picture-in-picture reveals of common objectives (, dynamic content galleries, social media integration and special feature layers to draw attention naturally to the information people want most, including free resources that establish not only authority but customer loyalty.

A spokesperson for Clever Marketing explained, “There are major emerging trends for web design in 2014 and we are dedicated to staying ahead of the curve. Our new website uses HTML5, with a flat design that eschews skeuomorphism in favour of a front-footed approach to the modern environment. The new web design allows us to feature our freebies front and centre to increase engagement, prioritize testimonials to strengthen organic engagement and keep information on one page to diffuse the negative effects of repeat navigation. A lot of these principles give hints as to how we can help customers.”

About Clever Marketing:
Established in 2006, Clever Marketing offers a range of integrated digital marketing solutions to clients looking to improve prospect engagement, lead generation and client experience. By consulting with clients to understand their needs Clever Marketing is able to recommend the right direction, with the proposed solution planned, designed, produced and managed by their experienced team. The journey does not end there as each production is assessed to be sure of success.

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Name: Brian Woodcock
Organization: Clever Marketing
Phone: 0845 643 1637

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