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There are a lot of factors to be considered in setting up the appropriate MSP service contract, especially the legality of the business and the jurisdiction that authorizes the contract.

Whether a person is the contractor or the client side, it is important that he is knowledgeable in producing or even just agreeing to the most appropriate MSP service contract. There are a lot of factors to be considered in setting up how the relationship with clients should go, especially the legality of the business and the jurisdiction that authorizes the contract.

The contract indicates the expectations of both parties involved – the client and the MSP. It will dictate the scope and limitations of the business relationship, and will somehow be the basis of future communications between those involved. Just remember that before a user reaches this point, he has ticked all the boxes that he considered before choosing the correct MSP for their company. Ask those questions and get to make sure to read everything before signing that piece of paper.

So a person now decided on contracting some people from a Managed Service Provider or MSP to support the company with IT solutions. Has he finally approved the service agreement yet? Check first if the parties involved are correctly stated. It should also be stated there the other parties that the MSP would deal with, such as the software vendors and print vendors.

All of these details should be explicitly indicated in the contract, as well as the specific services and devices that are need from the providers, and also the resources and access that are expected from the user for them to able to help its IT needs. The responsibilities of all the people covered in the business should be taken into account, and every possible scenario should be discussed in detail to avoid any form of misunderstanding in the future.

Users should also consider checking the regular operating hours for them to assist them if the services are provided only remote or on-site, and, of course, the corresponding rate for all of the services. Everything on how to go about with the IT operations should be there, even the confidentiality and employer-employee relationship clauses.

Segments in the agreement such as the duration and renewal, taxes, payment schedule, performance measurement, and the priorities of the provider. Ensure that the contract is reviewed by an attorney especially the clauses on warranties, disclaimer, etc. Consult an attorney as well on other legal requirements that are unfamiliar. Once the service agreement is finalized, make sure that users and their provider will have consistently scheduled meetings in the future to check if all of the parts stated in the agreement are strictly followed.

Review their performance as well. Do they provide users with the best of IT solutions? Are their expectations met? Do they need to improve on anything? Remember that it is a necessity for users to seek professional advice in terms of setting up the relationship with their contractor. One cannot decide without considering his business’ in accordance with the law.

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