Cleaning Services: What to Expect in 2014

Looking back at the trends emerging in 2013, cleaning service industry leaders elaborate on what will affect their businesses.

— While everybody is returning back to their routines after the holidays and reviewing New Year’s resolutions for their businesses, cleaning industry experts are taking a look at what 2014 may hold for them. Although some experts have different opinions on what will have the biggest impact on the industry, there are three major aspects that all experts agree will have significant impacts — investment in staff training, green solutions, and energy efficiency.

Investing in people is one of the highest priorities for cleaning services franchise owners who are concerned about the future of their franchises. As the industry has put a heavier emphasis on “healthy cleaning,” staff training becomes the cornerstone of business development.

“We cannot ignore the importance of proper training,” said Sue Peerenboom, owner of The Maids Milwaukee franchise. “Every time we hire new maids, we make sure that they undergo a special training, one zone of the house at a time. That is the only way we can truly guarantee our customers’ safety and the healthiness of the cleaning they receive.”

This overall trend in providing a healthy cleaning experience has also led owners of the maid services to adopt green cleaning solutions in their day-to-day operations. While going green is still considered a specialized niche, more and more cleaning companies prefer eco-friendly solutions to traditional chemicals.

“We cannot stress enough how important it is to leave our customers house not just clean, but a healthy clean,” said Jana Touray, VP of Operations for a cleaning company in New London, Connecticut. “Our experience showed that customers are willing to brag about their house cleaning services when they learn that we use green solutions that are safe for pets and small children.”

Complimenting this eco-friendly trend industry, leaders also agree on the increasing importance of using energy efficient tools. Depending on a company’s particular specialization, this trend can play a significant role in the business’s positioning, as well as potentially cut some costs on electricity.

As in any other industry, trends will be evolving based on the overall feel of the marketplace. The main focus, however, will remain on providing the end users with the most appropriate, healthy, and safe cleaning experience. To stay on top of the cleaning industry trends, tips, tricks and issues, visit this website devoted to the maid service industry.

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