Cleaning Industry Trends for 2014 – Green is the New Black

New Year is upon us and cleaning industry leaders look at the most promising trends for 2014.

— While everyone is rushing to prepare their house for a new year and jump into 2014 with a clean home, cleaning services experts look at trends that will affect their industry in the coming year.

While the majority of predictions about cleaning industry development concern significant expansion of technological cleaning methods, industry leaders are also paying a great deal of attention to the expansion of green cleaning.

“When our customers learn that we use eco-friendly solutions for their house cleaning, they tend to refer our services more,” said Tom Berry, one of the owners of The Maids Tampa Bay group of franchises. “We always aim for delivering the best and safest home cleaning experience and usage of the green products is part of our strategy in achieving this goal.”

Such consciousness, however, is based solely on free will. Legislation requires all products to meet basic environmental standards, but it does not cover sustainability. For this reason, the race is on to develop sustainable cleaning products using detergent ingredients from natural, renewable sources that cost and perform as well as those sourced from petrochemicals.

Moreover, according to Corinne Zudonyi, editor of Clean Link, The Professional Cleaning Industry’s Online Resource, facilities that focus on green and sustainable cleaning will begin to see changes in the marketing and labeling of products. To comply with revised “Green Guides” from the Federal Trade Commission, terms such as “green” and “environmentally friendly” will need to be substantiated. Certifications and seals of approval may also need to provide a disclaimer and qualify products’ certifiable attributes.

Therefore, “going green” is not just a fashionable trend for 2014. For many home owners and cleaning industry professionals, using eco-friendly solutions will not only become a top priority, but also will be backed up with substantial scientific and legal support.

“At the end of the day people appreciate when their house has been properly taken care of,” said Berry “By using eco-friendly solutions in our day to day cleaning operations helps us ensure safety and, therefore, satisfaction of our customers.”

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