Christopher C. Lee - One of the Youngest Ranked In San Francisco’s Top Ten Photographers

29 September, 2020

An artist in every sense of the word, Christopher C. Lee is the founder and Director of Photography for renowned production studio, Photomochi, and is also the leading designer of the San Francisco streetwear label, Troo Wear.

His creative platforms were initially founded in the San Francisco Bay Area in 2007 with a unifying theme towards freedom of expression.

He collaborates with popular clothing and technology brands through his photography and filmmaking studio on a daily basis, furthering their advertising in ways never thought possible. In fashion, Chris Lee leverages his innate eye for color, design, and style in bringing streetwear clothing to life.

His lifestyle brands’ sole premise of creating artworks for freedom of expression is reflected in his brands’ diversity, unconventional workflow, and raw emotion towards graphic design, camera work, and creative direction, which all promote the idea of staying true to oneself. His brands echo Chris’s own social activism in creating an equal playing field for minorities and introverts who feel forced to play by the rules of the majority.

Born in California and based in San Francisco, Chris initially earned attention from the photography world with his focus on fashion, street photography, and street art. His photography portfolio has since expanded to include any genre, including family and newborn portraits, automobiles, jewelry, technology products, and more.

Now in 2020, Christopher has been inducted into San Francisco’s list of Top Ten Photographers of the Bay Area, from which high-profile clients have sought Chris’s raw talent for their creative campaigns. His meticulous approach to managing his photography work is both art and science, a delicate and beautiful blend that captures the authenticity of a subject while remaining true to the traditions of the respected craft.

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