Childrens Art Water Marker Doodle Play Mat With No Crayons Or Paint Launched

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A children's mat has been launched that allows children to write on it with a water pen. The water pen is harmless to floors, and walls and cloth surfaces. Up to 6 kids can play simultaneously.

Perfect Life Ideas has launched a Water Doodle Mat that children can draw on without using any markers, crayons or paint. The mat just needs plain water for kids to create artwork. There is absolutely no mess to clean up.

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The launch of the Water Doodle Mat is an excellent creative outlet for the youngest of children. The mat comes with many accessories that the youngest of children enjoy. The mat comes with a water doodle pen, stamps, and a coloring book. The mat folds easily, snaps together, and has handles for easy carrying and storage.

Parents and caretakers enjoy the fact that the mat can simply be hung over a rail or towel rack and once dry put away without any fuss. They also appreciate the fact they can take it when traveling so that their little ones have one of their favorite toys on hand.

One of the scariest things for homeowners is a toddler or youngster getting crayons, markers, paint or other permanent marking instruments and causing damage. Finding a wall, couch, furniture, door, bedspread, floors or carpet destroyed by a little ones ‘fun’ is a distressing and worrisome incident that is avoided by the Water Doodle Mat for kids.

The Water Doodle mat is also an excellent choice for play dates and even parties as it can be used simultaneously by up to 6 children. It’s extra-large 28 x 40-inch size keeps a small group of children engaged and happy for hours.

The Perfect Life Ideas company has listed several specific benefits of owning a Water Doodle Mat. They include no worries because there is no mess to clean up, it keeps kids busy and entertained, it’s fun to draw on and safe and is not just for doodling, and easy to use and clean.

To improve a child’s drawing fun and provide multi-sensory stimulation all parents and caretakers are encouraged to investigate this toy. During the launch of this unique play mat, a mini dinosaur drawing notebook is being included.

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