Children Learn To Reading Literacy Interactive Online Classes Launched

01 September, 2020

Teach Your Kids announced the launch of Reading Head Start, an affordable online interactive program for children with ages between 2 and 9. This program helps children improve reading skills, comprehension and memory skills and increases their desire to read and learn.

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According to recent research, the frequency and quality of reading at a young age has a direct causal effect on a child’s schooling outcomes, regardless of their family background and home environment. The newly launched Reading Head Start program at Teach Your Kids helps children improve their reading skills and set them up for academic success.

Teach Your Kids explains that literacy development is a vital part of a child’s overall development. It is also the foundation for doing well at school, socializing with others, developing independence, working, and many more.

Unfortunately, studies show that in the United States only 66% of students in the 4th grade met or exceeded the lowest of three standards measured by the National Assessment of Education Progress.

Some warning signs that might indicate a child is at risk for falling behind in reading include anxiety about reading, difficulty understanding what was just read, poor spelling and writing skills and lack of fluency when reading out loud.

The Reading Head Start program promotes essential literacy skills for student success. This program offers children the opportunity to improve their vocabulary, create positive associations with books and reading, build listening, reading and learning skills.

The program aims to help children develop a solid foundation for literacy and reading success and build the learning skills that they will carry with them all throughout their life.

A satisfied parent said: “The program’s approach is one of the most well researched and highly successful reading strategies available for young kids. And it’s so crucial to get a head start on kids’ reading success at an early age. Not only does early reading success predict reading success at older ages, it predicts success across the board, in any subject.”

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