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Childhood Survivor Roadmap Shame Anger Forgiveness & Freedom Book Release

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Helping others survive unwanted childhood contact, author and minister John Eckeberger shares his own childhood experiences in the heartwarming and keenly suspenseful book “The Secrets We Keep”. Eckeberger also discusses his survival roadmap so others leave shame and anger behind, freeing themselves from their ordeal.

League City, Texas-based author John Eckeberger, a minister, has released his book “The Secrets We Keep.” First published in 2010 by, the third edition of the title is an excerpt from the first chapter ‘A Roadmap for Survivors’. This expert gives readers not only an introduction to the author’s style of writing, but also insight into how he tackles the subject of survival from unwanted contact.

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Recently released, the book “The Secrets We Keep” discusses how others who have experienced unwanted contact during their childhood can move on and leave behind the shame and anger, so they feel free from the burden of the ordeal.

The author, John Eckeberger, firstly discusses the statistics of unwanted contact in the United States, before acknowledging that by reading the gripping, personal pilgrimage, the reader is already a survivor, regardless of their story. Then Eckeberger discusses his roadmap for the survivors who are reading his book, written much as a companion would accompany a close friend.

This insightful roadmap includes the acknowledgement of trauma, receiving forgiveness and healing, as well as confiding in a close friend and seeking wise counsel. He then goes on to discuss how to extend forgiveness, celebrate life and help others. All factors of Eckeberger’s roadmap enables the reader to change their world so they no longer feel shame and anger.

As a minister, John Eckeberger has served in various positions and he has guided others with the help of God’s Word. Eckeberger is also a survivor of unwanted childhood contact. As such, Eckeberger writes from the heart, with a complex understanding of what it is like to harbor both guilt and shame for many years, and how to extend forgiveness, even when it seems impossible.

When asked about his book, John Eckeberger said, “I discovered a lot of bitterness and anger in my life, even hatred. These feelings all started when a man married into my family and then systematically subjected a generation of children to unwanted contact. So, I am a survivor who wants to help others to become survivors.”

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