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Surviving unwanted childhood contact is challenging, but achievable by knowing how to travel along the road to recovery. Author and minister, John Eckeberger, shares his experience and insight, and shows readers how to travel this road in his recently released edition “The Secrets We Keep.”

Minister, John Eckeberger, based in League City, Texas, has released a new version of his title “The Secrets We Keep.” Now in its third edition, this paperback discusses unwanted childhood contact and the emotional pain of a survivor, and how they need to overcome this anxiety and find forgiveness so that they can recover. Without forgiveness, says the author, recovery is difficult and everyday life is a struggle.

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Recently released, the paperback version of “The Secrets We Keep” takes readers on a journey whether they are a survivor themselves or a loved one looking to help someone affected by childhood trauma. Defining not only what it’s like to experience unwanted contact, the author also discusses a survival roadmap, freedom from guilt, shame, and anger, and how forgiveness is a choice that helped him to heal and find his voice.

Firstly, acknowledging that unwanted contact is becoming a growing problem, Eckeberger backs his findings with research data. Eckeberger also notes that as more people find their voice they are also coming forth and talking openly about their childhood trauma, which helps them to heal and to let go of their inner pain.

Secondly, the roadmap in the paperback is a 7-staged road to health and healing. These stages include trauma acknowledgement and the need to un-burden the weight of the experience by confiding in a friend, relative or counselor to extend forgiveness. By learning to forgive, the childhood survivor can learn to celebrate life and remove feelings of anger and shame. Without this, they fell stuck in limbo, as Eckeberger once did.

As a survivor of childhood trauma himself and a minister, John Eckeberger writes from the heart and aims to guide others to find forgiveness so that they can begin the healing process. Writing from the heart, Eckeberger shares a sophisticated understanding of childhood trauma and is empathetic.

When asked about his book, John Eckerberger said, “As a survivor of physical abuse as a child, which occurred for 6-years, I know how bitter and resentful you can become. But, it does not have to be this way. With support and understanding anyone who has experienced childhood trauma can find a way to heal themselves, and others.”

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