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Chef’s Playhouse Announces Launch of a New Paleo and Primal Food Website

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New website showcases benefits of returning to this style of eating.

Chef's Playhouse proudly announces the launch of their new website, one established to provide cooks with tips and tricks designed to make the cooking process easier. Site visitors learn how to cook paleo and primal foods which taste great while providing the health benefits people are looking for. Those choosing to make use of the site find their cravings are satisfied and they look forward to eating healthy foods on a regular basis.

"Many consider cooking to be a chore one must get through, rather than an enjoyable task, and Chef's Playhouse looks to change this. With the help of the right equipment and tools, individuals find the time required to cook decreases while the flavor and nutrition of the foods consumed increases. Cooking becomes enjoyable again and one finds making a home cooked meal is better than any lunch or dinner out," Rick of Chef's Playhouse explains.

Primal and paleo foods replicate the meals eaten by humans thousands of years ago. Back when humans were nomads rather than stationary beings, they hunted and gathered for their food, instead of growing it. Beef and chicken fed off of the land and didn't eat grain as they do now. The quality of meat differed greatly as a result, and many are looking to return to eating this type of meat as it is believed to be healthier. The same holds true for other animals, including buffalo, turkey, lamb and rabbit.

"Organic foods continue to grow in popularity as individuals realize they offer numerous health benefits. One feels better when they return to this way of eating and the same holds true for those who choose to eat vegetables that were available to hunters and gatherers in the past, such as carrots, green onions, and tomatoes. Those following this type of diet also benefit from the inclusion of fruits and herbs, including berries and sage," Rick continues.

Many worry they won't like the flavor of these natural foods, yet nothing is further from the truth. Grass fed animals tend to be more flavorful as the animals are allowed to move around and find the foods they love. Fresh food tastes better than food which has been processed, and people find they enjoy their meals more.

"Processed foods become a thing of the past once one tries this type of diet. In fact, those who choose to go paleo and primal find they no longer want the processed foods as the taste has lost its appeal. Thanks to the many recipes found on Chef's Playhouse, one can have a different meal every night of the week. Most discover they don't want to, however, as they find certain recipes they love and want to make time and time again. The food is just that good," Rick promises.

About Chef's Playhouse:
Chef's Playhouse remains the best place for an individual to turn when looking for cooking tricks and tips as the site explains how to cook faster while making better tasting food. Individuals visiting the site learn what they need to begin cooking paleo and primal foods while still eating foods they love.

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