Cary Couples Counselor Now Offers Affair an Recovery Counseling Program

27 January, 2015

Orenstein Solutions announces its Affair Recovery Counseling Program.

Couples in Cary who are struggling with the fallout from infidelity now have a new resource to get affair recovery help at Orenstein Solutions, P.A. 

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Infidelity, which is all too common, rocks the foundation of most marriages. This can lead to hostility or passive-aggressive behavior. Hurt and distrust emerge, and if left unresolved can lead to divorce.

The intense feelings of betrayal and guilt that are the hallmarks of infidelity are often too hard for couples to navigate on their own. This is where Affair Recovery Counseling comes in. This type of counseling is specifically designed to be effective with couples struggling with these intense emotions. 

Susan Orenstein, Ph.D., founder of Orenstein Solutions, P.A., when asked about her experience working with couples recovering from infidelity, said:  

“It is possible to get through blame and shame. In affair recovery therapy, you and your partner can examine what commitments mean for your marriage, take steps to rebuild trust, and actively protect your relationship.”

There are many benefits of couples not going it alone. In these tense situations, couples need an objective listener that won’t take sides. A structured process is provided that guides couples through the release of difficult emotions.

The Affair Recovery Counseling Program is the place to start the rebuilding of trust and the development of a strong bond. Another big advantage of couples participating in Affair Recovering Counseling is the avoidance of a costly divorce.

The intent of good couples therapy around the issue of infidelity is to help couples pinpoint their relationship’s vulnerabilities, learn from and correct mistakes, and build a strong foundation that they can draw from long after the therapeutic work is complete.

Those interested in learning more about working with Orenstein to move past an affair can do so on the Orenstein Solutions private practice website at

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