Founder Reveals Plan for Saving Major League Baseball

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The latest episode of CapTV discusses changes MLB could make not only to survive COVID-19 and the lockdowns but also to thrive and see a resurgence in profits and popularity in the new normal.

Opening Day of Major League Baseball met with mixed reviews from even die-hard fans. While some count a shortened, 60-game season as better than nothing, others wish the whole season had been canceled. Ryan Daniel Moran, the founder of, is an avid Cleveland Indians fan who aspires to buy the team one day. He recently proposed a plan the League could follow to save baseball and create new revenue streams while also attracting a new fan base.

Troubled Times for the MLB

Forbes reported that revenue for the 2019 Major League Baseball season hit a record $10.7 billion. With no fans permitted in the stands, that number will undoubtedly slide downward without ticket sales. Players will be paid on a pro-rated basis, receiving 37% of a full season salary. According to, almost 30 percent of the MLB’s total league-wide revenue came from gate receipts (ticket sales) in 2017. Ticket sales are not the sole revenue generator for the League, however. Licensing, merchandising, and corporate sponsorships make up the majority of revenue.

An article from The New York Times, “How Popular Is Baseball, Really?” says, “It’s well documented that attendance at Major League Baseball games has been declining since 2012. About 68.5 million fans attended major league games during the 2019 regular season, down from a peak of nearly 80 million in 2007. But MLB cashes in on its sheer volume of games, vastly outperforming the NFL and the NBA in ticket sales every year. MLB teams play at least 2,430 regular-season games each season, compared with only 256 regular-season games for the NFL and 1,230 for the NBA. Even the 160 MLB-affiliated minor league teams sold nearly 50 million tickets in 2017.

MLB Could Smash It Out of the Park and Into the Lucrative Virtual Reality World

Moran proposes a solution. “If I were the Cleveland Indians’ owner or in charge of Major League Baseball, there’s one very hard pivot that I would make right now. Major League Baseball has to lead the way in consuming sports via virtual reality. All the technology is already there for fans to have an immersive experience where they can choose their seat and choose which audio feed they tap into.

Imagine being able to watch a sporting event from third base or the dugout or the pitcher’s mound or the catcher’s view. Imagine being able to tune into the audio feed that’s coming from the dugout of your favorite team. Imagine hearing the banter between the players on the field, rather than listening to a commentator. Major League Baseball has kept a tight lid on the way they operate. If they want to stay relevant, they’re going to have to loosen that lid and allow for more fluidity in how we consume the game.

We already have all the technology via MLB TV and the installation of cameras on the field. It’s just a matter of rolling out that as an expectation to the fans. Were they to do that, fans would pay a premium to consume that type of immersive experience.”

Not only might such a pivot appeal to baseball fans everywhere, but it would also yield opportunities for in-stream purchases, further boosting revenues while also attracting the next generation to watch.

In the video, Moran also proposes ways to customize the fans’ experience while also outlining ways to double or even triple revenues for the League while decreasing costs substantially.

He continues, “Rather than change the way we play the game, we have to change the way we experience it. Just like television changed the way we experience the game, virtual reality will do the same. If the game does not adjust to the times, I think the best days of baseball are behind us. Still, if we adapt to the new demands of the marketplace, by creating a virtual experience by creating drama between the players and between the teams and creating a more high touch experience for when you go to the games, Major League Baseball can be saved.”

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