Canadian Adult Shop Love Dreamer Introduce New Range Of Dolls And Toys

22 January, 2015

Sex is informed by the biological imperative, the overriding instinct to procreate. This is helped by the fact that sex is also enjoyable, doubling as a recreational activity. Recreational sex needn’t be with a loved one, and is increasingly being served by fantasies like pornography and sex toys, which are themselves evolving rapidly. Love Dreamer is Canada’s premium online source for the latest sex aids and toys, and has furnished its store with a new generation of sex dolls ( and toys, using the latest materials to create the most authentic and stimulating experiences yet.

Love Dreamer has introduced Pipe Dream Extreme toys that feature ‘cyber skin’, the softest and most responsive surface for sex toys that replicate the feel and texture of real skin. These dolls have a variety of orifices to choose from, from dolls that are a pair of legs, to a torso, and full-scale dolls featuring eyes, hair and hands that can be manipulated into any position users choose.

These are just a drop in the ocean of sexual stimulants introduced to the site, and all come with discounted prices to celebrate the new expansion. The dolls even feature the likenesses of some of the world’s premier adult stars, male and female, so everyone can indulge their fantasies.

A spokesperson for Love Dreamer explained, “We understand that there are people out there who will never fulfil their fantasies with Justin Beiber, but want to indulge in a tactile, three dimensional sexual fantasy as opposed to having it exist just in their minds, and so we make that possible with our Just-In Beaver sex doll. The latest items on the site truly revolutionize the level of autonomous sexual play that can be indulged in, as well as the level of interplay couples can have using these items as aids.”

About Love Dreamer: Love Dreamer is a 100% Canadian owned and operated online and physical sex shop. They are the largest online source for all adult novelty needs. Visiting Love Dreamer is the easiest way to purchase adult items in Canada or the US, from Novelties and Lingerie to Sex toys, Bondage equipment and XXX DVD's.

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Joe Hughes

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