California Community Watch Burglary Prevention Home & Business Resources Launch

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Community Watch is a website and paper designed to educate and inform people in the United States about common community crimes. The site currently features information on burglary and how to prevent and handle it.

Community Watch, an online crime watch website dedicated to preventing and educating people about public safety, has launched burglary prevention resources and other information to aid in public safety in California and the country. The website was developed to help keep people and communities safe.

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The website is currently featuring an educational article about burglary. The intention of the article is to educate people on what a burglary is, and what to do if they believe they or their neighbors are at risk of being burgled.

Crime rates in the United States are increasing every year, and the team at Community Watch strives to keep people informed, educated and aware of common community crimes and teach people how to prevent and handle them.

As mentioned in the article, the best way to prevent burglary in a residential home is to inform the police in advance when going out of town for vacations or business trips. If the police are aware no one is meant to be in the house, they will be able to monitor any unwanted or suspicious activity.

Home security devices such as alarm systems are recommended to alert homeowners and the authorities of a break-in. Inexpensive and effective security devices are available for purchase on Amazon. Sometimes, even just a sign on the front lawn warning that the house has an alarm system is enough to thwart potential burglars.

There are three different degrees of burglary in the eyes of the law, with first-degree being the most serious. First-degree burglary is punishable by up to 20 years imprisonment. Anyone who commits a burglary with arms, deadly weapons and explosives will be charged under first-degree burglary laws.

The Community Watch website and paper is a community driven to educate people about public safety, scams, criminology and child safety in the United States. Interested parties can find more information, get in touch and read the full burglary article at the link above.

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