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The Organization Supporting Business Owners [OSBO, LLC] is an international membership-based business organization quickly rising to prominence in the United States and international business communities. has honored OSBO for its member programs and benefits, including marketing support, training, consulting employee benefits, and national discount buying programs for member firms and their employees.

Based in Huntsville, Alabama, OSBO is a virtual network, not tied to any specific geographical regions. By adopting a virtual network and offering global incentives, OSBO has established itself as an organization unfettered by geographical restraints. Members span a breadth of sizes and industries, and include sole proprietors and entrepreneurs, to corporations. In addition, educational institutions and nonprofit entities have invested in membership, facilitating growth in their leadership and organizations as a result.

OSBO provides a range of unique services to its members, including owner-to-owner interaction, decision-making power for members, training for members and non-members alike, and a wide array of media and marketing partners who expand OSBO’s reach beyond its membership. With so many resources at their disposal, members become empowered to take themselves and their business or nonprofit entities to new levels of prosperity and success.

Although OSBO, LLC formed its foundations in the United States, the organization remains committed to extending its global reach. Member organizations benefit from a variety of resources to help them succeed within their communities. These include training, coaching, business products and services, and publishing outlets. By gaining access as a group to these benefits, members receive significant discounts while investing in the health and growth of their businesses.

“I have been immeasurably impressed and inspired by Tana's passion for helping small business thrive and excel. Her insight and knowledge of the problems small businesses face is impressive and obviously comes from a deep desire to see others succeed. I highly recommend Tana and her organization, OSBO, for anyone interested in connecting to the small business community,” says Lisa Isbell, Inbound Marketing Strategy Director for Hubspot Partner Agency.

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Founded and headquartered in Huntsville, AL, OSBO is a membership-based organization supporting member businesses with marketing support, training, consulting employee benefits, and national discount buying programs for member firms and their employees.

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Phone: 256 520-7544

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