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MarketersMEDIA / Newsroom / Publishes Information for Those New to Fitness Training Publishes Information for Those New to Fitness Training

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Individuals often struggle with where and how to start and Buff Phoenix reveals the truth about what one needs to do in this situation

— Those new to fitness training frequently struggle with knowing where to start and Buff Phoenix devotes itself to helping those in this situation. The site provides tips, advice, reviews and more to help each individual develop a workout routine which meets their needs in every way. The site takes this further and provides information on supplements, workout guides and more to ensure everyone finds it easy to stay in shape.

"The first step to undertake when kicking off fitness training is to determine what type of training one wishes to do. Some opt for walking or jogging, yet others wish to focus on strength training and weight lifting. Gender shouldn't play a role in this decision either, as research now shows men and women can undertake the same activities with similar results," Sanford Alexander, spokesperson for Buff Phoenix, explains.

Many individuals look to Rich Piana as their inspiration when it comes to bodybuilding. He remains committed to this activity and states it is a full time job, one that he hasn't missed a day of in over 30 years. In addition to working out, Mr. Piana developed a line of supplements known as 5% Nutrition along with a clothing line. Although Mr. Piana no longer participates in the bodybuilding circuit, enthusiasts still turn to him for advice and support.

Alexander clarifies that individuals must take in more calories if they wish to gain muscle mass. This is something Piana points out regularly in the videos he shares with fans. Carbs need to be consumed before and after a workout and one should eat smaller meals more often throughout the day. These are just two hints and tips supplied by Mr. Piana and Buff Phoenix ( offers more.

Medicine continues to advance at amazing rates, yet many people choose to rely on medications before trying natural methods when they discover they have one or more health issues. For example, gastric bypass surgery has increased in popularity, yet most individuals could obtain the desired results through diet and exercise. Linn Bailey wishes to see more individuals turn to fitness to achieve their goals.

"Bailey leads by example and demonstrates to individuals how it is possible to be healthy and fit regardless of one's age. Exercise is of great importance to one's health and offers numerous rewards and the same is true of a healthy diet. Bailey strives to show individuals that it is possible to lead a healthy and fit life. Visit Buff Phoenix ( to learn more about her career, how she is helping others to achieve their fitness goals and what part Buff Phoenix plays in this. A healthy and fit body is within reach. All one needs to do is visit Buff Phoenix to learn more and get started on their transformation," Alexander proclaims.

About Buff Phoenix:

Fitness becomes a way of life, rather than a lifestyle choice. Individuals love setting goals and achieving them, yet often find they need assistance in doing so. Buff Phoenix strives to provide this assistance, by serving as an engaging and reliable source of reviews, tips, advice and information on anything having to do with physical fitness. Individuals find workout guides, supplements advice, and more. Staying in shape doesn't have to be difficult with the help of this site.

Contact Info:
Name: Sanford Alexander
Organization: Buff Phoenix
Phone: 605-683-3201

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