Brooklyn Dentist Offers Discount for Approved Six Month Smiles® Candidates

28 January, 2015

Brooklyn cosmetic dentist Dr. Marina Rubinshtein of Bensonhurst Dental Care provides full consultations for new patients considering the Six Month Smiles® alternative to traditional metal and wire orthodontic appliances, and the practice is sweetening the deal by offering a significant discount to candidates who are ultimately approved for the procedure. The advanced Six Month Smiles® system is an updated solution for smile straightening that replaces the bulky, painful, interminable process experienced by wearers of traditional metal braces that have seen little improvement or advancement in a century. This outdated technology and lengthy procedure can now be replaced by new options for many patients. These new options include Six Month Smiles® orthodontic brackets.

The Six Month Smiles system uses a streamlined, common sense approach to teeth straightening, modifying the materials and procedure to efficiently achieve straight teeth without an abundance of metal and years of adjustment time. During the average treatment time of six months, the clear brackets and natural-looking wiring create a barely visible harness for straightening teeth inconspicuously. The always-on design provides optimal results, which may suit some patients better than simple veneers or aligner tray methods provided by other products. The end result is a low-impact, low-discomfort, low-visibility treatment that straightens teeth without pauses or breaks in treatment process. The total cost is typically less than alternatives like traditional metal braces, Invisalign® aligners or porcelain veneers.

Dr. Rubinshtein will provide a thorough consultation for those seeking the Six Month Smiles as their orthodontic solution. By answering some questions related to lifestyle and customer expectations, patients can help Dr. Rubinshtein select the ideal choice for each case, including payment plans and what conditions are not treatable with the Six Month Smiles program. The advanced technology moves the teeth swiftly and safely using special nickel titanium wires focused on moving the frontal teeth that show most when smiling. The bone-colored bracing and wiring used is barely visible. The process also allows for a variety of retainers, from removable to permanent bonded. Dr. Rubinshtein and the team at Bensonhurst Dental Care are also offering a rebate for customers who’ve been approved for the Six Month Smile procedure. To learn more about the advanced care, technology and techniques provided by Dr. Rubinshtein at Bensonhurst Dental Care, visit them online at and

Contact Info:
Name: Dr. Marina Rubinshtein
Phone: (718) 234-3434
Organization: Bensonhurst Dental Care

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